Jeff Talmadge Song Lyrics

Here are the song lyrics to two songs by Jeff Talmadge. If you don’t have his CD True, you should get it! I’ll do a review on the whole CD soon. These are songs I’m going to add to my own Americana show.

Train from Amsterdam by Jeff Talmadge

Verse 1:

We used to talk about tomorrow

like we had all kinds of time

And sometimes this life is like

Some shirt I borrowed

but tonight it fits me like it’s mine


And I’m near some border

on this train from Amsterdam

knowing what’s been left along the way

And it’s hard giving up a thing you never had

And my heart’s a million miles away

Verse 2:

I took this train across the lowlands

The stars were setting in the sea

And I’ll take these lowlands as a sign tonight

While the rails are whispering to me


Verse 3:

Did you ever stop and wonder

What it took to put you in this place

Every careful plan you made got torn asunder

Then every broken piece fell into place.

White Crosses by Jeff Talmadge

Verse 1:

White crosses by the side of the road

Plastic flowers and sunburnt bows,

All lit up like a desert rose

As I drive away from you

Memories float in the twilight air

And it feels like sadness everywhere,

I wish I could say I didn’t care,

But that just isn’t true,


Some things last forever,

That’s what you used to say,

Stars can burn white hot or fade away,

You’re in the stars tonight

And every breath I breathe,

I guess it’s true nobody gets to stay

Verse 2:

There’s a faded name on that cross

Somebody, somebody lost,

A reminder of what’s the cost

And how nothing stays the same

It’s like the faded name on your heart

And the road out of town takes us apart

Is it the end or just the start,

When there’s no one left to blame.


Verse 3:

And in the faded desert light

There’s no clear picture of who’s wrong or right,

I could turn around and I think I might,

But I hit the gas and go,

For every cross and city limit’s sign

There’s one who goes and one who stays behind,

I don’t know which I am this time,

Or if I’ll ever know


I guess it’s true nobody gets away . . .w

Review of Jack Hinson’s ONe-Man War by Tom C. McKenney

Jack Hinson’s One-Man War: A Civil War Sniper
by Tom C. McKenney
Pelican Publishing
ISBN 9781589806405

A Review by Rickey E. Pittman

Revenge is a strong emotion, one often attached to or possessed by individual soldiers or civilians in times of war. Jack Hinson’s One-Man War: A Civil War Sniper  (Pelican Publishing) is a story of Jack Hinson, a man living along the Kentucky-Tennessee border who attempted to be neutral in the Civil War. Two of his sons were captured by a Union (Yankee) patrol, executed on the roadside, decapitated, and their heads placed on the gateposts of their farm.
Such a sad story, but what’s worse–it’s a true one.
Now, the war became very personal, intensely personal. Hinson had a gunsmith specially design and make a .50 caliber rifle, designed for long-range accuracy. Hinson said goodbye to his family, and set out to obtain revenge. And the Federal Army learned the high cost of vengeance. With that rifle, Hinson killed over 100 Federal soldiers, marking each kill on the barrel of his rifle.  Confederate sniper, scout for General Nathan Forrest, Hinson was hunted by the Federal Army. Alone, he captured an armed Union transport, and he also warred against the guerrillas terrorizing the border states. Hinson did not record their deaths.
Hinson’s recorded kills probably makes him the most successful Confederate sniper of the Civil War.  If you enjoy reading about the Civil War, you will enjoy Jack Hinson’s One Man War.  McKenney’s well-written and detail-packed account is carefully researched and this is a story that is sure to touch your heart.

Ima Hogg Boogie: A Song by Rickey Pittman

When I present my Texas History program in schools, I often teach them about Governor J.S. Hogg and of course make reference to his daughter, Ima. I just finished a funny song about Ima and wanted to share the words. It’s to a boogie-woogie pattern. I can’t wait to try it out on the kids. I’ll have to add it to my CD I’m working on as well.  If you don’t know anything about Governor Hogg or Ima, you should read about them. Below the lyrics is a photo of Hogg and his family.

“Ima Hogg Boogie”


There’s a lot of strange names,
A man might give his kids,
But none could ever hope to match
The one my father did.

J.S. Hogg was governor,
Of the Lone Star State,
And though he did  folks much good,
He made a huge mistake.


My Uncle wrote a poem
About the Civil War
The hero’s name was Ima,
A name my father did adore,

Without thinking of my future,
He did something quite insane,
J.S. Hogg the governor,
Gave me Ima’s name.


On the day when I was christened,
I’m sure the parson laughed,
The way my teachers always did
When they called my name in class.

The students all would snicker
When someone asked my name,
And when I had to tell them,
My face turned red with shame.


So, I’ll always be Ima Hogg
For all the years ahead
And though it made me famous,
I’d like another name instead

My imaginary sister,
I call her Ura just for fun,
So Ima Hogg, Ura Hogg too,
There’s two Hoggs instead of one.

J.S. Hogg & his family. Ima is the girl to the left.

J.S. Hogg & his family. Ima is the girl to the left.

Children’s Illustrator Wanted for Scottish Children’s Book

Pelican Publishing has accepted my children’s book, The Faerie Flag of the Clan McLeod and they are seriously looking for an illustrator for it. If you are an illustrator of children’s books and are interested in doing the artwork for a HARD working author who knows how to promote a book, you need to apply. Here’s what you need to do if you are interested:

1. Don’t submit a request to me, or leave a comment about it on my blog as it won’t be responded to. I’m not the one who will make a decision. Pelican, the publisher, will decide. You must follow their submission guidelines which you can find here: Don’t waste your and the publisher’s time by not following those guidelines.

2. You need to have not only good English, writing and research skills, but you need a good grasp of the nuances of the English language, especially in regards to the Scottish culture. Loving Scotland, its culture and history would certainly be a plus.

3. You’ll need to know the legend and details (some historical) associated with the Faerie Flag of the McLeod’s.There’s tons of info about it on the Web.

4. You should be willing to utilize your present network and develop a larger one to help market the book.

In other words, being a children’s illustrator requires more than just being able to draw.  Go to the Pelican site and apply. I need a good artist on this one.

It’s All About a Story: A Review of the Music CD of Hanna Rector

It’s All About a Story: A Review of the Music CD of Hanna Rector

When I was in Hot Springs in July, I encountered a beautiful young folk singer by the name of Hannah Rector.  I purchased her CD for the purpose of reviewing it and finally got around to it. With the exception of two tracks,  Hannah wrote the music of the CD. I felt the CD reveals real talent, and she certainly has good things ahead for her. Her music was certainly enjoyed at the Sons of Confederate Veterans 2009 National Convention in Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs.  Her music touches loss and learning in live, as well as her faith.  The lyrics are mature, solid, moving at times, and generally well-crafted and the music varies in tempo and style.  If you like blues, you’ll like her “Guitar Station.”  I think my personal favorite of hers is “Mirror, Mirror.” I’ll post some of her lyrics in another post. Her voice is excellent. If you’re interested in hearing some of her music, and learning more about her, you can and should explore her MySpace page here:

For a first CD of it is really a decent effort. If you like acoustic guitar joined with the beautiful female voice, you’ll enjoy her CD. If you’re a Confederate, her version of “Dixie” will bring you to tears. Here are the song titles for It’s All About the Story:

1. “It Was You”
2. The Next Thing They will See
3. With a Leaf in Her Mouth
4. Down in the Valley
5. Don’t Give Up
6. Guitar Station
7. Mirror, Mirror
8. Cheat
9. Angel in Disguise
10. Save Me
11. Don’t Leave
12. Grains of Sand
13. My Children
14. Dixie

Hannah Rector

Hannah Rector

Hannah Rector

Hannah Rector

Hannah Rector at Hot Springs, Arkansas 2009

Hannah Rector at Hot Springs, Arkansas 2009

Lonesome Road Blues: Song Lyrics

I discovered Adrienne Young some time ago. Here website is here: You can find photos and Young’s bio on her site.  She performs with a group called Old Faithful.  Here are the lyrics to a song from her CD, Plow to the End of the Row. It’s called “Lonesome Road Blues” and I liked it so much that I added it to my Americana show.  If you need to know the chords she uses, I’ll be happy to send them to you. Just email me or post a comment.

Lonesome Road Blues (Traditional, performed by Adrienne Young)

I walked on down that lonesome line
hung my head and I cried
I wept and I cried under a willow tree
out by the deep blue sea.
my mama, my dear papa can be found,
And my brother on a county road
Now I been down that long plank walk,
I’m on my way back home.

You cause me to weep, you do cause me to moan,
You cause me to leave my home,
I cried last night and the night before
I swear I won’t cry anymore.

Your fast mail train comin’ round that track
killed my brown-eyed boy
they took him down that smokey track
brought him back on a cooling board.
Now I’m looking down that lonesome line
just as far as care to see.
I have no money lost my brown-eyed boy
these blues won’t set me free.

you do cause me to weep, you do cause me to moan
you cause me to leave my home
I cried last night and the night before
I swear I won’t cry anymore.

Adrienne Young plays guitar and banjo and has one of the finest and most stirring voices you’ll ever hear. I encourage you to check out her music. Here is a photo of her and her banjo. I found that photo here:

Adrienne Young

Adrienne Young

Notes from the Gulf Coast

I’ve been in the Gulfport/Longbeach area since Saturday. I’ve had four 14-hour workdays with my co-author on a future book entitled, The 14th Denial. It is part memoir, part expose, based on the experiences of Detective Lee Cody in Jacksonville, FL. We should rap the manuscript up today or tonight.  You’ll be hearing much more about this book in the future. Lee joined me at my book signing at the Gulfport Barnes & Noble. That signing turned out well, almost a sell-out. With Lee at the table is Christina one of the B&N managers.

Christina & Lee Cody at Barnes & Noble, Gulfport 2009

Christina & Lee Cody at Barnes & Noble, Gulfport 2009

For the past two days, Lee and I have eaten at a cool beach restaurant called Shaggy’s.  It also looks like theres a good chance I might get to perform there in the future. I’ll be talking to the manager soon about that.  This is my new friend Katie, our server for the past two days at Shaggy’s. She was cute, witty, and fun to be around.  The food at Shaggy’s was great! Their website is here:

Katie at Shaggys, Pass Christian, MS 2009

Katie at Shaggy's, Pass Christian, MS 2009

Ghost Train: A New Song

This is a blues song I’ve written. The first two lines are repeated twice.  I do it in the key of Bm. It’s about a creative invidual, a manic-depressive with insomnia.

Ghost Train by Rickey E. Pittman

Sometimes late at night,
Between midnight and dawn
I’m on a lonesome highway,
And I’m walking it alone.

The LI7 Ghost Train,
I can hear its whistle at times,
I chase it down abandoned tracks,
Seeking for a sign.

My friends think I’m half crazy,
My wife knows I’m insane,
Because I stay up late at night,
Waiting for that train.

I know others travel this road,
But I always feel alone.
Maybe I’ll see Jimmy here,
Though I know he’s dead and gone.

I always knew I’d be a hobo,
In the dark corners of my mind,
Hopping trains and walking,
What’s there is what I’ll find.