“Pennies for Africa”: A New Video, a song by Rickey E. Pittman

I wanted to share a new video of a song of mine called, “Pennies for Africa.”  I wrote this for DELTA KAPPA GAMMA and UNICEF.  The lyrics are below and you can listen to the song on YouTube

Pennies for Africa from SquarePlanIT, LLC on Vimeo.

“PENNIES FOR AFRICA” by Rickey Pittman


There’s a child in Africa,

Whose name you don’t know,

Living somewhere in Africa,

In a place you’ll never go.


They need food and clean water,

Doctors and teachers too,

But that will never happen,

Without some help from you.


Little girls and orphans,

Their poverty’s severe,

They need health, food, and safety,

And dreams like we have here.


Pennies for Africa,

Give your pennies for a child.

It may not be easy,

And it might take a while.