Patron Saints of Wales, Scotland, and Ireland

There’s something intriguing about the saints. One movie that really made me think about the way saints attract and influence us is the movie, The Saint, with Val Kilmer. Anyway, I wanted to make this post about the patron saint of my three favorite countries: Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

Songs from a Southern Point of View

Something You May Not Know About Lincoln:

One of the first targets of Lincoln and his administration as the Civil War was getting underway was the state of Maryland. He arrested legislators, citizens, the mayor and police chiefs of Baltimore, censored newspapers and arrested editors, abolished habeas corpus,

A Short Story About Rebel Rose: Confederate Spy

Rose O’Neal Greenhow is one of the most interesting women of the Civil War. I encourage you to read more about her. She was a spy for the Confederate Government. Here is a short story I wrote about her and her daughter. I’ve included a photo of Rose and Little Rose. Let me know what you think of the story.

Little Rose and the Confederate Cipher

Sacred Hearts Convent, England, 1871

The nuns here taught me that a

Some Thoughts on Lincoln . . .

I’ve been researching some songs for my Civil War program, and I was rather shocked to find that in Lincoln’s administration, Septimus Winner, the man who wrote “Listen to the Mockingbird” (see earlier post) was arrested for treason during the Civil War because he wrote a song calling for the reinstatement of McClellan as commander of the Federal Army. I was shocked, not because Lincoln arrested someone who wrote and said things he didn’t like, but because the offense seems so harmless.

Return from Oklahoma . . .

I’ve just returned from Oklahoma (a place without Internet and cell phone service) and am tired and overwhelmed; thus, the entry today will be short. My mother’s surgery was successful and she is doing well. Thank you readers for your kind prayers and well-wishes.

As a Civil War writer, I understand that my task is not only to reveal to you new information in my blog, but to direct you to sites where you can find interesting information about the Civil War in North Texas and Indian Territory. Here is a great site that is devoted to a family history during the Civil War. I found it absolutely fascinating, a site full of information. It is entitled, A Short History of the 22nd, 31st and 34th Texas Cavalries, with emphasis upon the Fannin County Texas McFarlands (and their neighbors and relations) in the Civil War. You can find it here:

I’m still waiting on some photos of last Saturday’s author event, but when I receive them, I’ll post them. I did get some reading accomplished during my trip, finishing A Model Summer by Paulina Porizkova (review coming soon) and Little Altars Everywhere by Rebecca Wells.

Return from Cameron Parish

A short post today, as I must prepare for a very busy day tomorrow at the Shreveport, Louisiana Book Festival called, “Author! Author! Shreveport Celebration of the Written Word.” I’ll be speaking in the morning and part of a panel in the afternoon.