An Interview with Will Kimbrough

An Interview with Will Kimbrough

When I first heard Will Kimbrough on the Americana music cable channel, I was so impressed and I determined that I would learn about this man and his music. I wrote him about some lyrics for his song, “Interstate,” and that was when our correspondence began. His website is at and you can find out much about him there that I don’t have the space or time to cover, including his touring schedule, photos, and music. For example, his bio speaks of his work with such greats as Rodney Crowell, Adrienne Young (whose songs are also mentioned on this blog), and Jimmy Buffett. A guitarist, singer, writer–he is an important voice of Americana music. Will graciously consented to an interview and here are the results of that.

1. When did you begin writing songs (and I would assume poetry)? Tell my readers about your early music.

I got my first guitar when I was 12 and starting writing songs not long after that.

Magdalene: by Guy Clark, Chords and Lyrics

Good news for my blog. Coming soon is an interview with one of my favorite Americana folk singers, songwriter Will Kimbrough. Be looking for it! Today I wanted to post the lyrics and chords for another song by Guy Clark that I learned tonight. I hope it helps anyone who has been wanting to learn the song.

“Magdalene” by Guy Clark

I ain’t lookin’ for trouble E, Abm, A
I can’t stay here tonight E, Abm, A
I got to leave here on the double E, Abm, A
If I want to see the morning light E, Abm, A
Don’t need no pistol for the tickets E, Abm, A
I’ve got just enough to get us down the line E, Abm, A
I don’t know what happens next E, Abm, A
Your guess is just as good as mine E, Abm, A


Move with me, Magdalene C#m, B, A
I’m tired of the same old scene E, Abm, A
There’s a greyhound leaving at midnight A, B7
If you came with me it’d be like a dream E, A
Come on, Magdalene C#m, B, A
Move with me, Magdalene E, Abm, A


I’ve heard Mexico is easy
I wouldn’t stay here if I could
Don’t come along just to please you
Let’s go while the going’s good


Move with me, Magdalene
I’m tired of the same old scene
Let’s go down to San Miguel
Let’s go be somebody else tonight
Come on, Magdalene
There’s a greyhound leaving at midnight
If you came with me it’d be like a dream
Come on, Magdalene
Move with me, Magdalene

A Note on America Inspired by How the Irish Saved Civilization

When I read, Thomas Cahill’s, How the Irish Saved Civilization, I was struck by a passage that I wanted to include in my blog, a passage that is of great relevance to America. As I listen to and watch our blundering politicians and policy makers (of both major parties–Democrats and Republicans), I can’t help but think that maybe my friends in the Libertarian, the Constitutional Party, and the League of the South are right: The American political system is broke and can’t be fixed. Here is Cahill’s quote:

“There are, no doubt, lessons here for the contemporary reader.

Shape-shifting and the Bible

Shapeshifting and the Bible

“[T]he Irish believed that gods, druids, poets, and others in touch with the magical world could be literal shape-shifters”–Thomas Cahill

When I present my Scots-Irish program, with the more mature grades I sometimes talk about shapeshifting in ancient Celtic and druid thinking. Of course, the Celts were not the only culture to believe that humans and gods could take on other forms. For example, Native American mythology is full of tales that illustrate this. The world religions, even Christianity holds it out as a possibility.