Children’s Illustrator Wanted for Scottish Children’s Book

Pelican Publishing has accepted my children’s book, The Faerie Flag of the Clan McLeod and they are seriously looking for an illustrator for it. If you are an illustrator of children’s books and are interested in doing the artwork for a HARD working author who knows how to promote a book, you need to apply. Here’s what you need to do if you are interested:

1. Don’t submit a request to me, or leave a comment about it on my blog as it won’t be responded to. I’m not the one who will make a decision. Pelican, the publisher, will decide. You must follow their submission guidelines which you can find here: Don’t waste your and the publisher’s time by not following those guidelines.

2. You need to have not only good English, writing and research skills, but you need a good grasp of the nuances of the English language, especially in regards to the Scottish culture. Loving Scotland, its culture and history would certainly be a plus.

3. You’ll need to know the legend and details (some historical) associated with the Faerie Flag of the McLeod’s.There’s tons of info about it on the Web.

4. You should be willing to utilize your present network and develop a larger one to help market the book.

In other words, being a children’s illustrator requires more than just being able to draw.  Go to the Pelican site and apply. I need a good artist on this one.