Notes from the Gulf Coast

I’ve been in the Gulfport/Longbeach area since Saturday. I’ve had four 14-hour workdays with my co-author on a future book entitled, The 14th Denial. It is part memoir, part expose, based on the experiences of Detective Lee Cody in Jacksonville, FL. We should rap the manuscript up today or tonight.  You’ll be hearing much more about this book in the future. Lee joined me at my book signing at the Gulfport Barnes & Noble. That signing turned out well, almost a sell-out. With Lee at the table is Christina one of the B&N managers.

Christina & Lee Cody at Barnes & Noble, Gulfport 2009

Christina & Lee Cody at Barnes & Noble, Gulfport 2009

For the past two days, Lee and I have eaten at a cool beach restaurant called Shaggy’s.  It also looks like theres a good chance I might get to perform there in the future. I’ll be talking to the manager soon about that.  This is my new friend Katie, our server for the past two days at Shaggy’s. She was cute, witty, and fun to be around.  The food at Shaggy’s was great! Their website is here:

Katie at Shaggys, Pass Christian, MS 2009

Katie at Shaggy's, Pass Christian, MS 2009