A Short Review of the 14th Denial: A Civil Rights Memoir by Cannie Lee Cody with Rickey E. Pittman. Review by Cara Brookins

“In a nation where right and wrong too often bleed into dangerous shades of gray, NIKE ROSHE ONE

Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 9 in The 14th Denial: A Civil Rights Memoir, ffxiv gil authored by Cannie Lee Cody with Rickey Pittman, Sterling Shepard the writers provide undeniable evidence of corrupt police, nike free run 3.0 v4 damskie FBI, and government misconduct following the murder of Johnny Mae Chappell, an African American mother of ten in Jacksonville, Florida. Air Jordan 12 Retro Cody’s account details his unrelenting search for justice through more than thirty years of bureaucrats’ blatant lies and disregard for justice. The 14th Denial cuts gray areas into a clear separation of black and white. Princeton Tigers Jerseys Nike Air More Uptempo I’m left both outraged by the travesty of the widespread corruption and empowered by the integrity of a few fine men.” –Cara Brookins Cara Brookins is a freelance writer in Little Rock, Arkansas. Scarpe adidas Ultra Boost

She is a member of the Fiction Writers of Central Arkansas, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, New Balance 420 m?skie NIKE ZOOM KD 9 and the Central Arkansas Creative Writers. She is the author of several books, including The Doris Free series, Those Who Walked Before, nike tn pas cher Gadget Geeks, adidas scarpe bianche Liberty, and Terra. All Star 2016 She is in demand for presentations on writing and for writing workshops. Scarpe Air Jordan 3.5 Her website is http://www.carabrookins.com/ nike air max tn hombre Writer in Little Rock by southernmissive,

How to Construct a Speech When Your Book Is Published

In my editing service to new writers, I’m commonly asked to help them with presentations for readings at libraries, social clubs, and other events. albion silver It is a fact that self-promotion is vital if you want your book to be purchased and read. Publishers don’t guide authors on how to do readings or make presentations, so I thought I’d share my battle experience and give any new authors reading this a jump-start. kanken Here is a tried and proved outline any author can follow. It also works for radio or television interviews. Asics Pas Cher buy albion gold Sometimes you’ll be alone, and at other times you’ll be part of a panel. cheap albion silver Your speech does not have to be very long, but you do need to make the important points of your book. Just divide your presentation into these following parts: I. Scarpe Air Foamposite Start with “About me” (biographical information) Start with, “I am or I am a . buy albion silver . fjallraven kanken baratas cheap albion gold .” Here’s a good place to work in a funny anecdote or quote of another writer. cheap albion gold II. Why this book needed to be written and why the book is important (you can also mention other books that have influenced you) III. Discuss any or all of these: What the book is, what it’s about, what a theme is. Air Jordan 1 Uomo albion gold What you learned from writing this book. San Antonio Spurs What gave you the idea. Create your “elevator speech”–your book condensed into a few sentences. Memorize it. Golden State Warriors IV. Here is a section of my book I’d like to share with you. buy albion gold (Then read a chapter or a few powerful paragraphs) V. nike air max 90 vt femme Then give thanks and take time for questions. Prepare a list of questions (typed) that you can give to someone you know in the audience just in case you get a bashful audience who can’t think of what to ask. Brandon Gibson Also, interviewers are often very busy and they often appreciate the questions to use as a starting base. AIR HUARACHE


Revenge Quotes

Revenge Quotes 1. Air Flight 89 buy albion silver “I will never forget or forgive an act of cruelty. AJ McCarron Alabama Jersey

cheap albion gold You deliberately hurt me, my friends or anyone I love, and you’ll bleed for it.”–(a character in Persephone’s Underground, a novel by Rickey Pittman) 2. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames blauw

cheap albion gold “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”–from Man on Fire 3. Keenan Robinson albion gold Nemo me impune lacessit – Latin motto of the Order of the Thistle, numerous Scottish regiments in various armies, one U.S. asics gel nimbus 17 mujer buy albion gold Marine regiment, and the Royal Coat of Arms of Scotland. It is also the family motto of Montresor in Poe’s “Cask of Amontillado.” 4. Air Jordan 7 (VII) albion silver “His obligation was to the feud . Colorado Buffaloes Jerseys . nike air max 1 pas cher . cheap albion silver beneath it all still rose the black rage of the mountain man . Asics Baratas . nike air max pas cher buy albion gold .

A Short Review of The Glass Rainbow: by James Lee Burke

The Glass Rainbow: A Short Review of James Lee Burke’s Novel It is extremely difficult for a writer to create a character who can be used repeatedly and successfully in a series, but James Lee Burke succeeds in his new novel The Glass Rainbow (Simon & Schuster 2010). cheap albion gold I’ve read every novel in the Dave Robicheaux series, and with every read I’ve felt satisfied with the storyline, inspired to develop my own writing, and eager to read the next in the series. buy albion gold This novel, like Burke’s other 27 novels, is rich in cultural and historical allusions in the South Louisiana milieu chosen as the setting. Nike Zoom All Court CK While Burke’s characters confront and wrestle with the evil that threatens to destroy them, they also struggle with relationships, personal failures, and with matters more philosophical and ethical–questions relating to law and legal issues, to social mores, and personal standards. Burke is a gifted writer who has enriched our age. Nike Kyrie Irving There are reasons he has two Edgar Awards and was named Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America. albion silver As I usually do in these short reflections of my readings, I wanted to list a few phrases from the novel that intrigued or interested me. The page numbers are from the hardback edition. “I realized that southern Shintoism does not necessarily have to clothe itself in Confederate gray and butternut brown” (39). La chaussure de running Asics “A local bluesman by the name of Lazy Lester once said, “Don’t ever write your name on the jailhouse wall” (55). Canotte Minnesota Timberwolves albion gold “Jerry Springer does referrals for me” (92). NIKE AIR PEGASUS 92-16

To me, the rain in Louisiana has always worked as a kind of baptism” (109). ray ban pas cher “I have had visions of them that I do not try to explain to others. buy albion gold Sometimes I thought I heard cries and shouts and the sounds of musket fire in the mist, because the Union soldiers who marched through Acadiana were turned loose upon the civilian populace as a lesson in terror. cheap albion silver The rape of Negro women became commonplace. Nike Kyrie Irving Northerners have never understood the nature of the crimes that were committed in their names . AIR HUARACHE

buy albion silver . NIKE AIR JORDAN 11 cheap albion gold .” (139).

“Washboard Lisa” by Grayson Capps

I saw Love Song for Bobby Long again, Chaussures Nike Pas Cher adidas riot 5 femme and once again I was moved, Washington Wizards asics gel lyte 5 hombre negras especially by the music. Georgia Bulldogs Jerseys

  • Here’s another song from that soundtrack, nike air max pas cher New Balance 373 mujer a song by Grayson Capps. It’s also on Capp’s CD, Memphis Grizzlies Nike Air Yeezy 2 If You Knew My Mind. I transcribed the lyrics from his CD for his song, Nike Air Max 2017 Verde Uomo

    new balance 1600 femme blanche “Washboard Lisa.” I’ve determined to go see Capps in the near future. Jordan Shoes On Sale I know from his website that he plays in Alabama and along the coast and that would likely be my best chance to hear him. Nike Air Max 2016 Femme shirt-tshirt Here is his website:

    “Washboard Lisa” by Grayson Capps

    Standin’ on the corner of Royal Street,

    on a Sunday afternoon

    Out there by the old A & P

    barefoot in the sun in June.

    I saw her playin’ with the big brass band

    with old Gate Junior on guitar

    I saw her playin’ with John and Mooney too

    uptown at Maddigan’s Bar.

    Washboard Lisa, Dexter McCluster Titans Jerseys wash away your sins

    let them go down the drain

    Evertime you move your dirty little hands

    takes away our fears and our pain

    I said “hello” to her out there on the street

    Boys, Mario Manningham Jersey I looked into her eyes

    She said that she knew Tom Robbins

    Oh, New Balance 999 hombre asics gel kinsei 4 uomo I believed it was a lie

    But how can New Orleans be so good

    To a Lucky Strike smoking queen

    With a rip in her dress and dirty toes


    Havana Noir: A Short Review by Rickey E. Pittman

    Havana Noir: A Short Review by Rickey Pittman Having read the New Orleans and Miami editions of the Noir series, I chose Havana Noir (Akashic Books, Achy Obeias, Editor) as the next edition to read and comment upon. Chaussures ASICS Gel Glorify pour Femme cheap albion gold I enjoyed this collection of 17 pieces of short fiction tremendously. nike air max norge nettbutikk I was especially interested in Havana Noir for several personal reasons. Here are three: 1) I learned the Spanish I know from Cubanos in Naples, Florida. nike air max I also used to listen to the Cuban radio station which I could pick up clearly in my car. bns gold albion silver 2) I personally knew and interviewed many Cuban immigrants, many of them emigres after Castro’s takeover, many of them from the Mariel Boatlift, all of them with stories that would break your heart. 3) I’ve read of Hemingway’s life in Cuba, read gripping novels like Los Gusanos, and several nonfiction books related to the Mariel Boatlift, Cuba’s history, etc. buy albion gold This anthology of stories will give you insights into Cuba, its history and culture, both past and present, into the lives of the privileged and the struggles and a revelation of the hardships of most of its citizens.

  • Nike Air Max 2016 Uomo
  • Centered on Havana, the tone is as dark as noir can and should be, the feelings it evokes are intense, and an appreciation for the Cuban writers selected developed. buy albion silver I have thought about creating a reader’s guide for this anthology, focusing on vocabulary and allusions that might be lost on many readers. The editor says this in her Introduction: “Havana has recently existed only as myth: a garden of delights, a vortex of tarantism . . .the capital site of a social experiment in which humans somehow deny the worst of our natures . . . 2015 new balance 530 cheap albion gold . cheap air jordans uk albion gold She says that need “inevitably turns the human heart feral. buy albion gold In this Havana, crime and violence, though officially vanquished by revolutionary decree, are wistfully quotidian and vicious.” The collection creates the feeling that Cubans live in an especially malevolent naturalism where the apolitical “protagonists are alienated and at risk, caught in ethical quandaries outside of their control, and driven to the very edge . cheap albion silver .

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  • .

    As Told on Oprah The Murder of Johnnie Mae Chappell: A Forgotten Civil Rights Story

    Lee Cody has written a wonderful book entitled, The 14th Denial: A Civil Rights Memoir, edited by yours truly. nike pas cher cheap albion gold The book tells the story of how in the midst of the volatile times surrounding the Civil Rights Movement, two police detectives solved one of our nation’s worst hate crimes and paid for it with their careers.

    Lee Cody, Jr. New Balance buty dzieci?ce worked with the Duval County Sheriff

    An Interview with Todd Owens, a Civil War Medical Reeanactor

    Recently, I was fortunate that Todd Owens granted me an interview. Todd is Commander of the Army of Trans Mississippi for the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Every Halloween weekend, you can find him and others at the Battle of Mansfield State Park, http://www.mansfieldbattlefield.org/state.asp, where they will “reenact” field hospital procedures in the true spirit of Halloween and a haunted battlefield. In this interview, Todd shares a bit of information he has learned regarding Civil War medicine. 1. What misconceptions do people have about Civil War medicine and physicians? The main misconception is that the doctors were butchers, operating without any type of medicine to help relieve the pain. cheap albion gold 2. albion silver What was the job of a nurse in the Civil War? The main job of a nurse was the same as it is today, the care and comfort of the wounded soldiers. albion gold 3. Tell me about your persona and the work of a Civil War Doctor. I do the persona of the War Between the States undertaker/dentist. The late 1850 was when the use of embalming came into it’s heyday. buy albion gold The first well known case of the use of an embalmer was when the son of Union President Abraham Lincoln died in the White House. cheap albion silver President Lincoln would go to the tomb of his son, the workers would remove the lid of the vault and it is said that the President would sit there for hours just staring at the face of his dead son. 4. cheap albion gold How did the Confederate medical system differ from that of the Yankees? There was not that much difference in the medical system between the North and the South. The only main difference was that the South had a Dentist Corps. The North did not see the advantage to having dentist in the ranks. 5. buy albion silver What are some comments regarding your presentation you’ve heard from people that are interesting? The most often made comment is that they did not realize that there were undertakers during the war. I have even, while doing living history events, made several of the students on the school days sick to their stomachs when doing my demonstrations. buy albion gold That is when you know that you are doing something so good that the people think it is real.