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Chicken Little and the Climate Crisis Part 2

 Chicken Little and the Climat Crisis Part 2

by Rickey Pittman

The sky is falling,
Said Chicken Little,
We’re destroying our planet,
Little by little.

Something more must be done,
To end the use of fossil fuel,
Electric cars are the way to go,
Say activists who sound like fools.

Yes, our predictions were wrong,
As to when the world will end,
>Predictions we’ll never bring up,
New ones we can easily spin.

We used to call it Global Warming,
But that model failed us too,
So now it’s just Climate Change,
Yes, that’s vague, but it will do.

Our leaders warn of Climate Change,
But they don’t really believe,
Flying around in their personal jets,
And build huge mansions by the sea.

Politicians and most media,
Take our side on this,
So be afraid, very afraid,
This crisis don’t dismiss.

The Green Deal Machine works hard,
To insure your cooperation,
Quit driving your gas-fueled cars,
Or we’ll face starvation!