Jeff Talmadge Song Lyrics

Here are the song lyrics to two songs by Jeff Talmadge. If you don’t have his CD True, you should get it! I’ll do a review on the whole CD soon. These are songs I’m going to add to my own Americana show.

Train from Amsterdam by Jeff Talmadge

Verse 1:

We used to talk about tomorrow

like we had all kinds of time

And sometimes this life is like

Some shirt I borrowed

but tonight it fits me like it’s mine


And I’m near some border

on this train from Amsterdam

knowing what’s been left along the way

And it’s hard giving up a thing you never had

And my heart’s a million miles away

Verse 2:

I took this train across the lowlands

The stars were setting in the sea

And I’ll take these lowlands as a sign tonight

While the rails are whispering to me


Verse 3:

Did you ever stop and wonder

What it took to put you in this place

Every careful plan you made got torn asunder

Then every broken piece fell into place.

White Crosses by Jeff Talmadge

Verse 1:

White crosses by the side of the road

Plastic flowers and sunburnt bows,

All lit up like a desert rose

As I drive away from you

Memories float in the twilight air

And it feels like sadness everywhere,

I wish I could say I didn’t care,

But that just isn’t true,


Some things last forever,

That’s what you used to say,

Stars can burn white hot or fade away,

You’re in the stars tonight

And every breath I breathe,

I guess it’s true nobody gets to stay

Verse 2:

There’s a faded name on that cross

Somebody, somebody lost,

A reminder of what’s the cost

And how nothing stays the same

It’s like the faded name on your heart

And the road out of town takes us apart

Is it the end or just the start,

When there’s no one left to blame.


Verse 3:

And in the faded desert light

There’s no clear picture of who’s wrong or right,

I could turn around and I think I might,

But I hit the gas and go,

For every cross and city limit’s sign

There’s one who goes and one who stays behind,

I don’t know which I am this time,

Or if I’ll ever know


I guess it’s true nobody gets away . . .w

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