The Clan MacFarlane

I’ve been performing music every month at MacFarlane’s Celtic Pub in Lake Charles, Louisiana. There’s always been a good crowd, they have great food, and a cool facility. I’ve included a flier of my next performance there.

The name MacFarlane caught my attention and I did some study into Clan MacFarlane. Here’s some things I’ve learned: They are a highland clan, originally near Loch Lomund. Their motto is “This I’ll defend.” Known to be such effective night raiders of cattle, the full moon was known as MacFarlane’s Lantern. They even had a piping march devoted to the cattle raids titled, “To Lift the Cows We Shall Go!” On the Civil War Sailors & Soldiers System, I found the names of many MacFarlanes who served for both the Confederacy and Union Armies. I found the clan’s website HERE and another HERE.

The Faerie Flag of the Clan MacLeod

The Faerie Flag of the Clan MacLeod

An ancient Scottish legend adapted and retold by Rickey Pittman

One evening, the chief of the MacLeod clan walked along the windy beach on the Isle of Skye. His heart was heavy because he had recently buried his wife. Also a seer, a wise woman, prophesied that longships would soon come, full of fierce, berserk Norsemen