Interview with Robert Ables with World Relief Ministries

Robert Ables & his wife, Cathy.

Robert Ables & his wife, Cathy.

Robert Ables is an elder of White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ and works with World Radio Relief Ministries. cheap albion gold (You can read more about this ministry here:) Robert and I have been friends for many years and I have never known him to be anything other than a good, sincere, hardworking man. After learning of his recent trip to Africa, I asked him for an interview for this blog and he graciously consented. My questions to him are in bold and his responses follow.

  1. When was your trip taken? The trip was February 1-8, 2014
  2. Where was your destination? Nairobi, Kenya. We traveled to Atlanta from Monroe on Delta. Atlanta to Amsterdam on Delta. Then to Nairobi on KLM. Same route on the way back.
  3. What was the purpose of your trip? We met with an organization named 410 Bridge that drills water wells, upgrades schools and teaches rural communities to be self sustaining. cheap albion gold We wanted to learn from them how to do this and maybe partner with them and some contacts we have in Kenya. albion silver We talked to some Kenyans about Celebrate Recovery also. buy albion gold (You can read about Celebrate Recovery here:)
  4. How long have you been planning this? How did the idea come up? The plans began last year. cheap albion silver This group brought a children

Veterans of the War Between the States Buried in Kemp, Oklahoma Cemetery

Growing up, new balance 993 I spent much of my summers in the Red River Valley of North Texas and South Oklahoma. air max soldes My mother was born in a town called Karma, nike air max pas cher Oklahoma–a town that was washed away by one of those nasty floods the Red River used to baptize Valley residents and rearrange things. New Balance 009 hombre My grandparents lived in Ivanhoe,

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    My Favorite Memorial Day Quotation & Two Flags We should Remember on this Day

    “War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things; the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight; nothing he cares about more than his own personal safety; is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.”–John Stuart Mill In the school and library and festival presentations I do on Texas history, I talk a great deal about war–who fought them, why they were fought, the price of those wars and how those wars shaped our state and nation. In these presentations, I almost always use two flags to illustrate the passion and price of liberty. cheap albion silver Below are two photos from my presentations in the Sam Houston Museum in Huntsville during the Sam Houston Folk Festival. buy albion gold The first is the blue flag of the New Orleans Grays, a uniformed unit enlisted and equipped in October of 1835 in New Orleans. There’s a few good sites you can search for to learn about them. As far as I know, I’m the only Texas storyteller to use this flag in his program. The original was taken by Santa Anna and sent to Mexico after the fall of the Alamo, where it still resides, hidden from all eyes–especially the eyes of Texans, who crave the return of the flag. albion gold The flag was presented to the unit by ladies of Texas once the unit crossed the Texas line. Sadly, almost all of the New Orleans Volunteers perished at the Alamo or Goliad. 10178035_10203183726889754_3388312270107858451_n     The second flag I like to use is the flag of the Republic of the Rio Grande. As far as I know, I’m the only storyteller in Texas to use this flag. In 1840, the three northern states of Mexico-Coahuila, Tamaulipas, and Nuevo Leon, which at that time included large parts of South Texas–seceded from Mexico to form this republic. cheap albion gold Its capital was Laredo, and there is a museum devoted to the Republic to this day. They resented the tyrannical rule of the Mexican Centralists and wanted a Federalist Government, like the new Texas and like the United states. cheap albion gold Every time I relate the story of this army with its early successes and eventual defeat 10 months later, I realize there are more stories that need to be told and more songs written to honor these brave men that comprised its army–800 Mexican citizens, 140 Anglos, and 80 Native Americans. buy albion gold One of the Anglos who perished was William McGuill, an Irishman who came to Texas with James Powers the Empresario and who fought with Houston at San Jacinto. buy albion silver I also strive to honor the men who led them–Canales, broken and forced into the army he surrounded to as an officer; Antonio Zapata, the cavalry commander, namesake of Zapata County and its county seat, was executed and beheaded; and even men who supported the movement financially and verbally, such as Juan Seguin–these all paid a terrible price. 10307418_10203183723129660_5402333679287198111_n   These are the flags I remember on Memorial Day. albion silver May the heroes of these wars rest in peace, and may they forever remain in our memory.

    Bard of the South at Market Days, Harlingen, Texas

    Here are some photos taken on Market Days in Harlingen,

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  • albion silver Texas, Fjallraven Kanken Mini buy albion silver October 2014 by Alexander Burrows, Buty Nike Damskie cheap albion gold a professional photographer. adidas zx 850 damskie cheap albion silver The weather was perfect. Adidas ZX Flux Heren cheap albion gold I often work in the Rio Grande Valley.

    Red River Fever: A return to the valley of blood and crazy good ole boys

    461cvrI’m back where my writing career began–the Red River Valley. buy albion gold I’m with my mother in Kemp, Oklahoma–right across from Denison, Texas–helping with chores around the place and using the time to get ready for the concert Jed Marum and I are doing in Houston this weekend for the Sons of Confederate Veterans. albion gold I love this part of South Oklahoma and North Texas, so full of a rich but troubled history. For example, did you know that Doc Holiday set up shop in Denison for a year or so? And that Col. Douglas Cooper’s 1st Regiment of Choctaw & Chickasaw Rifles were mustered not 2 miles from my mother’s house? Good ole boys with their craziness are still in the local news. I also thought of this song I wrote that Jed has promised he will help me finish for my next CD and decided to publish it. cheap albion gold You can take a look at my novel, Red River Fever at this link: It is available in print and ebook versions. Red River Fever by Rickey E. cheap albion gold Pittman On the edge of the Indian nations, Once a violent no man