English Teacher

I’m an English teacher. At last, the standardized testing is over. English teachers dread this time of year. The state mandates, plus the President’s “every child has a behind act” (I stole that from someone at a gifted symposium) take a heavy toll on teachers throughout Louisiana. Perhaps that is why we still refer to the Graduate Exit Exam (GEE) as the “LEAP” test–it is the time when teachers are tempted to “leap” from windows. At a rural, north Louisiana high school, I teach two classes of freshman honors, two gifted English classes, and two classes of regular students. I’ve also taught freshman composition at the university (University of Louisiana at Monroe) for eleven years. But, more on that later.

My First Blog Entry

Welcome to A Southern Missive, the site where I’ve finally placed my thoughts and letters to the world. I hope you’ll return and respond to my rants and ravings, my thoughts and feelings, and my sharing of all things Southern. Also, visit my website at http://www.rickeypittman.com