Hello, Webb County

I was delighted when a friend introduced me to the music of Bo Peña, and since I’ve often performed my songs and stories in Laredo, I was excited to find this song. I’ve posted the lyrics and chords. His website is HERE, and I encourage you to listen to and order his great music.

“Hello Webb County” by Bo Pena

G                                                            D       G
I was born in San Anton but I never did pay it no mind.
Cause my parents moved down to a border town
where they ran into some troubled times
C                                 G        C                                   C
I never could call it paradise, but it surely was one of a kind,
G                  D                                                                 
Down in the Valley where the Whitetail run on the US Mexico Line.

C               G                D      G
Hello Webb County, I’m coming home to you,
C                              G
Though it may be far from heaven,

D                        G
It’s the best that I can do.

Verse 2:

I met a girl in Austin, and I followed her to New Orleans
I ended up in New York City with nothin’ but a pair of jeans,
Then I made my way to the mountains west,
through the Rockies & the evergreens,
But I couldn’t shake these homesick blues
with the Rio flowing through my dreams


Verse 3
When the winters get cold and lonely, it’ll take me to another time,
Before the bust, before the war, when everyone was getting by,
It’ll never quite feel like home again, but I’ll love it to the day I die,
And the sun goes down on that border town on the US Mexico line.