“West Texas Highway” Lyrics & Guitar Chords

West Texas Highway by Lyle Lovett , written by Boomer Castleman and Michael Martin Murphey

Lovett does the song in the key of F. I was not happy with the arrangements I found on the Internet, so I posted these. I lowered the key a half step, and changed one chord (the third one) to fit the music better than the posted chords I found. You can hear the obvious changes, so I listed them like this instead of trying to match them directly where they changed. If you’re trying to learn this song, I hope this post helps.

Some Days You Write the Song: Lyrics by Guy Clark

During my recent drive to the DFW area to do book signings at 4 Sam’s Club stores, I listened to my favorite radio station there, The Range, and as usual, I heard a song that I couldn’t live without learning. It was another one by Guy Clark, one of the finest songwriters that has ever lived. As I am working hard on writing my own songs, I thought this one had good application to my own life and mind. I personally transcribed these. I know they are more accurate than other versions on the Net.

“Some Days You Write the Song” by Guy Clark


Return from College Station

This past Friday, I presented my Scots-Irish program to the first and second graders at Forest Ridge Elementary. The kids and staff were wonderful. I’ll try to post some more photos of the day soon. This was my first visit to College Station, but I’m sure it won’t be my last. As I’ve said before, I love going to Texas. Here in the photo with me is Christy Rhodes, the librarian who scheduled the program.