Ghost Train: A New Song

This is a blues song I’ve written. The first two lines are repeated twice.  I do it in the key of Bm. It’s about a creative invidual, a manic-depressive with insomnia.

Ghost Train by Rickey E. Pittman

Sometimes late at night,
Between midnight and dawn
I’m on a lonesome highway,
And I’m walking it alone.

The LI7 Ghost Train,
I can hear its whistle at times,
I chase it down abandoned tracks,
Seeking for a sign.

My friends think I’m half crazy,
My wife knows I’m insane,
Because I stay up late at night,
Waiting for that train.

I know others travel this road,
But I always feel alone.
Maybe I’ll see Jimmy here,
Though I know he’s dead and gone.

I always knew I’d be a hobo,
In the dark corners of my mind,
Hopping trains and walking,
What’s there is what I’ll find.

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