Minden’s Scottish Tartan Fetival

Along with the superstars of the Scottish world mentioned on this flier, I’ll be storytelling and performing music at this wonderful festival. If you live in North Louisiana or East Texas, you need to be there! I’ve always had a great time there.

A New Song: “Welcome Home, My Son” by Rickey Pittman

Last week, while driving to Texarcana to do my school programs, on Highway 71 outside of Shreveport, I saw a driveway all decorated up and a big sign that said, WELCOME HOME, SON. That and the memoir I’m editing for Mitchell Waite entitled, 400 Days in Iraq, inspired me to write this song. Let me know what you think of it. I may revise some of it later.

“Welcome Home, My Son” by Rickey Pittman

My tour in Iraq was over,
And at last I was going home,
The sun was setting to my left,
As I drove on alone

I came to my parents’ home
On highway 71
A sign stood by the driveway,
Saying, Welcome home our son.

A string of balloons and small American flags,
danced in the Southern air,