A Southern Missive: Holiday Edition Fall 2013

Bardofthesouth.com Holiday Issue

Date: November/December 2013

1175269_10152219834219148_1830679152_sA Southern Missive: Containing special news, interviews, reviews, and articles, written by Rickey E. Pittman—award-winning author, storyteller, college writing instructor, folksinger, and songwriter. Read his complete bio here: ============================================================= The Latest news from http://www.bardofthesouth.com/ ============================================================= *Award winning artist and illustrator Rod Espinosa is the illustrator chosen for Ariel: Therapy Dog of the Rio Grande Valley (Sarah Publishing 2014) a children’s picture written by Rickey E. Pittman and Norlene Chamberlain. This will be Pittman’s 6th children’s picture book and the first for Ms. Chamberlain. You can read more of Espinosa’s work, experience, and awards here: *Dec. albion silver 9-13 The Bard, Ariel, the Therapy Dog, and Norlene Chamberlain presented a Very Ariel Christmas with school visits to 17 elementary schools in the Harlingen Texas School District. You can hear the song I wrote about Ariel here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/rickeypittmanbardoftheso2 The Bard of the South has been booked for the main stage at the 2014 World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Monday, March 17. Jim Belushi will be the celebrity Grand Marshal for this event. cheap albion silver Read more about the event here: You can listen to some of the Bard’s Scottish and Irish music samples here: New Original Songs by the Bard of the South rickeypittmanbardoftheso3“Miss Rio Grande Valley”- So many beauties have come from the Rio Grande Valley. Here’s a song about a man who falls for a beauty queen! (Model for single release cover is Tyler Zimmerman, Miss South Texas) Preview and order the song here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/rickeypittmanbardoftheso3   “The 13th Floor” – If you’re superstitious or if you’ve heard about the wild nightlife of Dallas, you are sure to like this song! (Model for single release cover is Amanda Brady) rickeypittmanbardoftheso4Preview and order the song here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/rickeypittmanbardoftheso4 These songs (along with other originals) will be on the Bard’s 4th CD, which should be available by Summer 2014. cheap albion gold The CD’s theme is songs of Texas and the Rio Grande Valley. ============================================================= The Bard’s calendar is filling up for the spring! Book the Bard of the South for your own school, library, organization, festival, church, banquet or other event. His positive, energetic presentation of stories and songs are sure to delight and edify those in attendance. His rates are reasonable and he pays his own travel and lodging expenses. Contact information: Rickey Pittman Cell 318-547-2906 Email: rickeyp@bayou.com ( 5.) This Week’s Article =============================================================

The Story of Auld Lang Syne

It seems the whole world know at least the first verse. Those in the Scottish societies often know all the verses. Maglie Los Angeles Lakers Few know the story of how the song came about or many details of its author, Robert Burns. As we slip into a New Year, I thought this article would be appropriate. Three simple words—meaning “old,” “long,” and “since”—combine to form a phrase that translates loosely as “time gone by,” “old time’s sake,” or, in some contexts, “once upon a time.” But the old Scots phrase so gracefully evokes a sense of nostalgia that it has been embraced throughout the English-speaking world. Jadeveon Clowney – South Carolina Gamecocks Every December 31, millions of us raise our voices in song to greet the new year, standing with friends and looking back on days past. buy albion gold The song we share has its roots in an old Scottish ballad about a disappointed lover and a popular dance tune that evoked a country wedding. (Read more here . . . ) http://www.themorgan.org/exhibitions/online/AuldLangSyne/ ————————————————————- Like Bard of the South on Facebook! Click here: Rickey E. Pittman =============================================================

A special Holiday Short Story: “Santa’s Little Helpers” by Rickey E. Pittman

It was the hottest Christmas Eve in Dallas history. I was on LBJ Freeway in North Dallas, and as usual, I was inching along in the gridlock, cursing the traffic when I wasn’t singing Merle Haggard’s song, “If We Make It Through December. I remember that as a teenager in Farmer’s Branch, I had this huge highway almost to myself, racing on my Yamaha 250 Enduro from Webb Chapel to Garland in just a few minutes. Dallas was no longer anything like the city of my nativity. I was quite a sight back then in my Easy Rider fringed leather jacket and my Billy Jack hat slung on my back. I held that image in my head for com for just a minute until I glanced down at the red velvet Santa suit I wore today on my way to work at Neiman Marcus to relieve the dayshift Santa. I remembered the ghosts of those Christmas’s past—the happy faces of family and friends, that special gift from Diane—it seemed to relieve the loneliness and stress of Christmas present. I wouldn’t allow myself to be terrorized by thoughts of Christmas future. new balance 577 grey green orange The gridlock eased and I was able to increase speed. cheap albion gold Cars were honking at me as they passed my 1963 Dodge Dart. I looked down at the dash and realized I’d been driving in 2nd gear. I punched the button that slipped the transmission into 3rd and made better progress. I ignored the hoots and hollers of the adults in the cars passing and focused on the smiling faces of the children. Their smiling faces helped me through the holidays and was one of the things that made me take this stupid job at Neiman Marcus. The college had budget cuts, and as the fall semester ended, I was one of the fatalities. So, to get me through the holidays, I became a Santa. Nike Italia A radiator hose burst and the Dart’s engine started blowing smoke just as I pulled into the mall parking lot. “I guess I’ll have to take the sleigh home,” I said out loud. I put on the Santa beard, which I hated, because it was fake. Clayton Kershaw Jersey I had tried to grow a beard many times but never could get past the point of looking like a wino.

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  • I was running late, I opened my bottle of Scotch and washed down a Vicodin, stuffed the bottles of whisky and pills into my Santa bag, and then hurried on inside. My manager ran over to me. “You are so late, Santa! The day Santa left 15 minutes ago. The children are restless and the mothers are complaining! Hop to it!” I noticed the Christmas music over the intercom seemed louder today. I punched in my time card and waddled past the Duck Dynasty Christmas display and over to the Santa throne. A line of kids and mothers extended nearly to the doors of the store. I had two assistants. There was an elf named Rudy—and yes, he had a very red nose. I think he was a bit too fond of the Christmas spirits. Then there was Mary, a beautiful young lady who took photos for the store. She wore a sexy red Christmas outfit you see on Playboy models in the December issue. She was cheerful and flirty, and seeing her was always a highlight of my Santa job here. After I sat down, Rudy hollered, “First one coming to you, Santa!” He threw the first boy into my lap. buy albion silver “And what would you like for Christmas, lad?” He handed me a list. I glanced at it and saw it was written in Spanish. “Feliz Navidad!” I said and set him on the floor. Rudy thrust a little girl in my lap. She was fine till I asked her what she wanted for Christmas. She took a look at my face and started screaming. “Rudy! We got a screamer here. Get her back to her mother!” Mary ran up. “I’ll take her, Santa. Rudy’s had a slight problem and won’t be with us the rest of the day.“ She pointed to my left and I saw Rudy face-down on the floor. Justin Tucker Ravens Jerseys Two store security men dragged him away. A mother led her little girl to us. I motioned for the girl to come to my throne. Mary helped her into my lap. “Have you been a good girl this year?” I asked. She nodded. “And what would you like for Christmas?” “I want my daddy to come back home to me and mommy. He went to Iraq and never came back.” I was without words and glanced at the girl’s mother. She had tears in her eyes. Zapatillas Adidas Baratas España Tienda She pointed up to heaven. “Santa will do his best, but he’ll make sure you get lots of special things this year.” My voice broke a bit. “Thank you, Santa.” She hugged me, slipped out of my lap and ran to her mother. The next boy that Mary led up to the Santa throne had a demented grin on his face. I motioned for him to come forward. “Come on, lad! Tell Santa what you’d like for Christmas!” He held his grin like he was some sort of demonic Mona Lisa, then ran up, pulled my beard down and popped it on my face, and then kicked me in the shin. I shouted, “Crap that hurt!” “You can’t kick Santa like that!” Mary said. “You bad little boy! Santa’s going to feed you to his reindeer!” She chased him but lost him in the crowd of shoppers.

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  • When she returned, she next led two teenage girls to me. “We want our picture taken with Santa!” one said. Safely in my lap with the arms of these beauties around my neck, I realized how much I missed female company. Basically jobless, having to scrap for every dollar I made, and having come through a really messy divorce, I had no time for anything but survival. On and on it went. Child after child, every one of them unique, with stories and needs and wants. Being a Santa is exhausting. I shut down the Santa chair just before closing. I went to the staff room and changed out of my Santa clothes. As I was leaving the store, Mary, still in her sexy read outfit, walked along beside me. It was then I remembered my car had died in the parking lot. “Do you think you could give me a ride to my apartment, Mary? Then maybe come up for a Christmas Eve drink?” “Sure. buy albion gold How could a girl say no to Santa?” She slipped her arm into mine. air max chaussures “We’ll have a drink to Santas everywhere. albion gold Merry Christmas.” She kissed me on the cheek and suddenly, Christmas didn’t feel so bad . . . . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Feel free to recommend or forward this Ezine to your friends.

    Biography of a Sea Captain’s Life: A book for those who love the sea . . .

    The more I study the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas, a region where I’ve worked one-two weeks every month for the past year and a half, the more I see the connection of the region’s trade and politics to the history of New Orleans. buy albion gold Cotton especially poured into Mexico from this busy port and other goods were sent back to New Orleans. I edited the memoirs of W.C. Flanders, one of the early 19th century settlers in New Orleans, was a man who loved the sea. cheap albion gold At the age of fifteen, he ran away from home to follow his calling, which he never abandoned until into his old age. He experienced the sailor’s life, progressing from cabin boy to captain, working ships from sail to steam, running blockades, sailing in peace and war and through storm and calm. He embraced all these hazards as well as the joys of his vocation. The sea was his muse as well as his instructor and the details of his memoirs provide many valuable insights into a seaman’s life. cheap albion gold He was an eyewitness to an important period of American history, and his memoir will be of interest to anyone who has heard the siren call of the sea. buy albion gold

    Here’s a short excerpt from the book:


    After some trouble, I shipped as a cabin boy upon the brig Hampton, bound for New Orleans at a salary of five dollars per month. cheap albion silver This was about the year 1826, and I was then fifteen years old, with a limited education, yet determined to try my fortune entirely among strangers, many of them rough cast. albion silver We left Boston with a fair wind and proceeded down the bay, and to sea, having aboard a dozen passengers. Soon the long sea swell was experienced, and the usual effect produced upon the stomachs of our heretofore merry passengers. buy albion silver They were soon berthed and only groans of bitter distress heard, as they paid tribute to Neptune. albion gold The weather continued favorable and in a few days, the passengers growing accustomed to the motion of the vessel, began to occupy their seats at the table, and found themselves possessors of voracious appetites, as I found to my sorrow before many days. During the sad experience of the passengers, I was no better off, and like them would have succumbed, but upon the least hanging back the terrible voice of the Captain would bring me to my line of duty.

    Patrick Cleburne Festival:

    imagesOnce again, it’s time for one of my favorite events: The Patrick Cleburne Festival in Cleburne, Texas. Some had forced the festival to end due to Cleburne being a Confederate General. Ironically, he was one Confederate who early in the war advocated emancipation of all slaves in the South and stood opposed to it in principle. albion gold Here are my two favorite quotes of Patrick Cleburne:

    I am with the South in life or in death, in victory or defeat. I never owned a negro and care nothing for [owning] them, but these people have been my friends and have stood up to me on all occasions. In addition to this, I believe the North is about to wage a brutal and unholy war on a people who have done them no wrong, in violation of the Constitution and the fundamental principles of the government…We propose no invasion of the North, no attack on them, and only ask to be let alone.
    Surrender means that the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy; that our youth will be trained by Northern school teachers; will learn from Northern school books their version of the War; will be impressed by all the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors, and our maimed veterans as fit subjects for derision.

     Pat Cleburne Birthday Here’s a good synopsis of the Festival and what you can expect to see this year as well. I found this in an article by the Cleburne Times Review in 2011 when the festival returned: After an 11-year hiatus, a birthday celebration for Gen. buy albion silver Patrick Cleburne returns to his namesake city on Saturday. The full day of events to honor the Irish-born Confederate general takes place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Buddy Stewart Park, on U.S. 67 South in Cleburne. buy albion gold “I don’t know how many times people stopped me at Walmart or the grocery store and said, ‘Hey, when are we going to do the Pat Cleburne celebration again?’” said retired train conductor Melvin Burt, who is helping organize the event along with the Cleburne Chamber of Commerce. The birthday commemoration activities include a Scottish Festival and Heritage celebration with living history camps, Civil War re-enactors, a chuck wagon cooking contest, Scottish and Irish vendors, a wild west show and Scottish games. Activities also include a tractor show from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., courtesy of the Johnson County Tractor Club, a car show from 10 a.m. cheap albion silver to 2 p.m. and a period style fashion show at 2 p.m. The Sons of Confederate Veterans Terry’s Texas Rangers Camp 1937 will conduct re-enactments throughout the day and the Heritage Brass Band from Dallas, a volunteer re-enactment band performing on Civil War-period instruments, will perform a concert at noon. “[Terry’s Texas Rangers] has two cannons. cheap albion gold They will be demonstrating firing and loading of those cannons,” Burt said. “We’ll set up command tents just like a camp where soldiers would live.” Chamber President Cathy Marchel said that they have also received many requests from residents to bring back the birthday commemoration. “The board this last year wanted to bring back the event. We’re excited about the opportunity to start the birthday celebration again for Cleburne,” she said. “We’re really hoping the people will come out. It’s going to be a fantastic event. The committee is very embraced in it.” Historian Rick Pitman is also onboard to speak about Cleburne and the history surrounding him at two sessions at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Born in County Cork, Ireland, in March 1828, Cleburne immigrated to the United States in 1849 to escape the Great Famine. Nicknamed “Stonewall Jackson of the South” and beloved by the soldiers under his command, Cleburne was also known for a most controversial proposal in an effort to save the Confederacy, proposing to enlist slaves into military service in exchange for their freedom. cheap albion gold He even proposed extending that freedom to their families. He hoped emancipation would bring foreign support to the Confederacy and solve the manpower problem, and despite a similar proposal from Gen. albion silver Robert E. Lee, most Confederate leaders did not share the same opinion as Cleburne. Cleburne would not live to see the act passed by the Confederate Congress in 1865 allowing slaves to enlist, dying in November 1864, along with Gen. Hiram B. Granbury, in Franklin, Tenn., in an ill-fated battle under the command of Gen. John Bell Hood. Cleburne is buried at the Confederate Cemetery in Helena, Ark., where each year around his birthday, the Arkansas Division Sons of Confederate Veterans conducts a memorial service. buy albion gold “It’s going to be a family fun day. We would like everybody to come out and see what the Pat Cleburne Day is all about,” Marchel said. “We hope to grow this event every year. We just need to have a sunny chamber day.” Admission and parking is free and volunteers will be available to help visitors in and out of the park area.

    The Wilderness World of John Muir: A Short Review by the Bard of the South, Rickey E. Pittman

    0395240832 I believe in serendipity, especially when it comes to the discovery of a good book. Air Jordan 7 Retro At a Friends of the Library sale, I came upon The Wilderness World of John Muir, Edited by Edwin Way Teale. polska biega asics Having ancestors who are Scots-Irish and knowing members of the Muir Clan, I was intrigued. cheap albion gold With this book, I encountered the real man, a real Scottish man who had changed the world by changing man’s view and estimation of his environment. Reading an overview of his on-foot journeys, reminded me of Guy Clarke’s song, “Walking Man.” The book is dedicated to The Sierra Club, The Wilderness Society, The National Parks Association, and all those who are fighting the good fight to preserve what John Muir sought to save. I had heard of Muir, but knew little about him. soldes nike 2017 From this book, I learned many surprising things about him–his Scottish outspokenness, his family, his journeys and journals, and most of all, I realized how ignorant much of America is about this Scotsman, who came to a land rich in beauty and wanted the world to know. buy albion silver Muir had a toughness that few even in those hard frontier days had. Bulldog Football Jerseys buy albion gold According to the jacket of the book, from 1838-1914, he covered most of the American wilderness alone and on foot, without a gun or sleeping bag with only a sackful of provisions (prob. Portland Trail Blazers cheap albion silver hardtack and tea) that would have challenged the will of the most dedicated ascetic monk. Air Max 90 Yeezy The introduction ends with this very fitting quote: “His [Muir] finest monument is the wild beauty he called attention and helped preserve–beauty, however, that is never entirely safe, beauty that needs as vigilant protection and tomorrow as it needed yesterday (xx). albion silver Muir once said, “A man in his books,” he once wrote, “may be said to walk the earth long after he had gone.” Muir did make our world better. Canotte Los Angeles Clippers albion gold He loved nature as much, if not more, than the Transcendentalists, and without a doubt, I think he knew nature better than they. Toronto Raptors cheap albion gold If I’ve tweaked your interest, find this book. new balance 1600 femme buy albion gold Used copies can be had cheaply on Amazon.

    “Bodies in the Trinity”: A Short Story by Rickey Pittman

    Since it’s so close to Halloween, I decided to publish here a short story I wrote some time ago that is based on the legend of La Llarona. I’d like to know what you think of it, so leave a comment if you can.

    BODIES IN THE TRINITY: by Rickey Pittman

    A story of La LLorona

    Evil is a true thing in Mexico. It goes about on its own legs. Maybe some day it will come to you. Maybe it already has—Cormac McCarthy, All the Pretty Horses DSCF1606I AM LA LLARONA, AND I WEEP FOR MY CHILDREN. cheap albion gold For centuries of nights I have wandered along the waters throughout Mexico. College Football Jerseys And yes, I walk along the banks of your Trinity River. albion gold I have strolled along your Turtle Creek, your Bachman Lake and the other waters. You are surprised to find me in your country? Do not be. No, in my lifetime, your land too was once a part of Mexico.

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  • I am a Mexican ghost, born of a desert tragedy. On that dreadful night, when I realized my lover had abandoned us, I blew out the last candle I had lit for him and drowned my two little children, damning myself forever. But as I was a whore in the eyes of all, what else could I have done? I had given this man my virginity, my honor, my future. No one would help us—-not my parents, not the Holy Church, not the residents of our pueblo. adidas stan smith rose gold I am forever lost now—in the night, in the madness, pain, hopelessness, grief, and loneliness. Ay, mis hijos, ¿Donde Estan mis hijos? But I have found I am not so alone. cheap albion silver One night, I came upon a couple–shouting, fighting. asics gel lyte 5 donna Two young children clutched each other nearby, watching. A boy and a girl. They so reminded me of my own. “Jorge, please, take us home,” the woman said. “The children are frightened.” The man spat at her and threw her to the ground. “No.

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  • I do not care where you go, but you will not return with me.” He cursed, then stormed out of sight. When I came to her, she was weeping. “Why do you weep, querida?” I asked. She shook her head and did not answer, wiping fiercely at the tears on her cheeks. I lifted her chin with my hand so she would look at me. Air Jordan 4 Retro “What is your name?” “Veronica.” “He was your man, was he not? And now he has left you? Answer me.” “Yes. But who are you? Are you an angel?” “Yes, querida. I am your angel tonight—your guide and guardian.” “Oh, thank you!” She clutched my legs and buried her tear-stained face in my dress. Her weeping tore my heart. “Jorge has abandoned me. And now who will take care of my children?” She clenched her fists and held them against her face. I sat next to her and wrapped my arms around her. “I will help you take care of them. I am your sister. Do you not see the resemblance?” I brushed my fingers through her long dark hair and looked deep into the black-pearl eyes. “I understand your pain. Look into the river. buy albion silver The river holds the secret. The river will tell you what to do.” Dipping my hand into the water, I held my arm up and watched the drops slip back into the river. As she sobbed and stared at the water, I held out my hands to the children. “Come, hijos.” I led them back to Veronica, and we sat together, staring at the river. In the distance I could see the Dallas skyline, and even in our remote location, the sirens, and sounds of the city roared in my head. I knew what the mother would soon do, and so I kissed each of them and left them there by the water, and followed Jorge. buy albion gold I found him leaning against a tree smoking. He smelled of tequila and beer. I stepped behind him and gently tapped him on the shoulder. Turning, he said, “Jesus, you scared me. buy albion gold Buenos noches.” He attempted to walk away, but I moved in front of him. “Ah, but you would not leave me so soon? And such a handsome man.” I stroked his cheek and placed my hand on his chest. “Such very fine clothes. Surely you are able to give a woman all the things she needs.” “So the lady wants something from me, tonight, eh?” I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and put my arms around his neck. “I knew a man very much like you once. Why are you here, guapo, my handsome one? You are all alone and along sad waters.” “I’m looking for a beautiful woman like yourself.” I could see the lust in his eyes. “Why won’t you marry Veronica?” He pushed me away. albion silver “You know her, don’t you? She sent you? Does she think she can trick me into keeping her? Why should a successful man marry beneath himself? My family disproves of her. As they would of you.” The arrogance in his eyes enraged me. cheap albion gold “But she will have nothing without you.” “She is no longer my concern.” “I know you, Jorge, and many more like you.” I clutched him and kissed him hard, biting his lip. “So the lady wishes to play hard?” “You have no idea how hard I can play.” I took him by the hand toward the river. “Come, lie with me.” He grinned. “You will not forget this night.” “Nor you,” I said. He struggled to live, but it was in vain. nike requin tn pas cher In those last moments, when I held his head under the water, I knew his thoughts. How can a woman be so strong? Will my body be found tomorrow in the dirty water of the Trinity? You think I’m cruel. A murderer of my own children. A malevolent spirit. adidas original pas cher fille Perhaps. But I am no more cruel than your society, which drowns your little ones in violence, in drugs, in neglect. It is a terrible thing to lose a child. asics sneakers sklep If you listen in the quiet of the night, you will hear me weep for my children, and for yours. They are all my children now. I want to save them, but I don’t know how. Ay, mis hijos, mis hijos. ¿ Donde estan mis hijos? And Dallas has many drowning children for me to cry for.

    Civil War Fiction

    Civil War Fiction Books about the Civil War continue to be churned out. I think the War Between the States must be one of the most popular topics to write about. Through the years, I’ve managed to build up a respectable library on the War. I’m working on a book for one of my publishers, Booklocker, on how to write about the Civil War. albion silver This book is on the list of my future projects, and as soon as I get a lot of rat killing done, I can see to it. cheap albion gold As an English teacher for both the high school and college levels, I’ve read and taught many books about the Civil War that are in the genre of fiction. If you’re a teacher, or just one who is interested in reading good Civil War fiction, here’s a list of those books with a few comments. Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. An all time best seller and classic on the Civil War—and with good reason. buy albion gold I don’t think anyone has written anything comparable. cheap albion gold It is a masterpiece. Unfortunately, few in the modern generation have read it. Few have even seen the movie, one of the greatest movies of all time. buy albion gold Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier The movie was good, the book is better, but as they say, “Never judge a book by its movie.” This novel is rich in detail, honest about the Confederates who fought in the war, and more or less written from a Confederate-friendly point of view. His second epic novel on the Civil War didn’t have as much success, in spite of the big bucks he received for it. Andersonville by McKinlay Kantor. When I first began reading this novel, I was expecting more of the usual Yankee-point-of-view misinformation and propaganda. I was delightfully surprised. albion gold An honest representation of both sides and an unsettling description of this Georgia prisoner of war camp. cheap albion silver In a future article, I’ll write about some other pieces of literature. buy albion silver These should get you started.

    “Cradle and All” by Drew James, Chords & Lyrics

    drewjames4Last year when performing at the French Quarter Festival in New Orleans, nike air max 1 pas cher I met a songwriter and singer, Vêtements Nike Pas Cher buy albion gold Drew James. cheap albion silver We shared CDs. albion silver I am so impressed with his CD, Canotta Milwaukee Bucks Screaming at the Sky. One song particularly caught my attention and I determined to add it to my repertoire–“Cradle and All.” As I do many programs for pre-K through 2nd grade, asics gel lyte buty damskie buy albion silver I thought this would be a perfect song to do for that age group. You can preview the CD of this talented songwriter and singer here: Here’s the chords and lyrics. New Balance 1600 męskie Key of C Rock-a-bye baby, Jordan 11 Pre-School cheap albion gold Dm On the tree top G7 When the wind blows C The cradle will rock F When the bow breaks G7 C The cradle will fall Dm And down will come baby G7 C Cradle and all F When the bow breaks, buy albion gold G7 The baby will fall Dm And I’ll hear her crying G7 C From right down the hall, Yadier Molina Authentic Jersey F Hush little baby G7 C Don’t you weep Dm Daddy’s right here G7 C And will sing you to sleep. cheap albion gold &nbsp Rock-a-bye baby, albion gold On the tree top When the wind blows The cradle will rock When the bow breaks The cradle will fall And down will come baby Cradle and all When the bough breaks The baby will fall So I lie awake Afraid she might call Tossing and turning, Right to the dawn, Thinking the worst If the call doesn’t come.

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  • Rock-a-bye baby,

    The Bard of the South at Beaumont Public Library

    On Friday, Odell Beckham Jr Giants Jerseys buy albion gold June 14, asics femme pas cher buy albion silver the Bard of the South presented his Scots-Irish program to an audience of 145 at the R.C. Drew Brees – Purdue Boilermakers buy albion gold Miller Branch of the Beaumont Public Library. cheap albion gold Here’s an endorsement I received from the Scottish Society there about my program: Thank you Ms. Matthew Stafford UGA Jersey cheap albion gold Brister [Amelia Brister is the children’s librarian there who scheduled me for the program] for the storytime featuring Rickey Pittman and his Scottish Storries and songs.We thoroughly enjoyed The Bard of the South! He had so much historical information to share about culture, cheap albion silver music, new balance 996 homme pas cher albion silver and life during many periods of European history. He also tied the history of the Scotch- Irish and their the immigration of Texas. basket nike requin homme pas cher The little ones will be looking for leprechauns in the grass of Southeast Texas!–Sincerely, Chaussures Nike Pas Cher Marilyn Manson Hayes, cheap bns gold albion gold Beaumont,

    A Lover’s Ghost: CD Trailer by Rickey Pittman

    Here’s a video about my new Cd, Air More Uptempo Colorways buy albion gold A Lover’s Ghost produced by computer technical creative genius, asics onitsuka tiger hombre cheap albion gold Cameron Brister. West Virginia Mountaineers buy albion silver The video tells a little bit about each of the songs I wrote for this project. Nike Air Force 180 Mid cheap albion gold You can listen to samples of the songs here: or on iTunes. Air Jordan 14 (XIV) albion silver A Lover’s Ghost Render from SquarePlanIT, LLC on Vimeo.

    A Review of Storyteller, Gary Whitaker

    A Review of Beuowulf: Retold by Gary Whitaker I still remember the first time I encountered the text of Beowulf. Air Jordan 5 Donna I was a NT Greek major at Abilene Christian University and one of the readings in British Literature was of course, Beuowulf. I was stunned and mesmerized. As I entered the kennings and litotes and other literary devices of my Viking ancestors, I knew I had found something that touched my soul and heart. College Football Jerseys Steve Weathers, a life-long friend, was my instructor, and as he taught the Anglo-Saxon account of the Viking tale, my soul took flight and in my imagination, I walked the mead-halls as a dragon hunter. Scarpe Jordan Basket The next significant time I encountered Beowulf was with Gary Whitaker, a storyteller who generously encouraged and prompted me to pursue Scottish-Irish storytelling. I owe him a great deal. In addition to the storytelling encouragement, I found a man who loved Beowulf as much as I did—a man who understood the tale, who felt it in his bones, and as I listened to his account, I heard the voices of the ancient bards and scops retelling one of the stories that made me decide to become an English major. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Zwart I’m delighted to say that Whitaker has made a DVD that relates the tale of Beowulf, and one that does it well. chaussures nike air max pas cher You can find Whitaker as a storyteller at such prestigious events as the North Texas Irish Festival. You can order his DVD of Beowulf on his website below. nike He has other CDs and DVDs that would interest anyone who is fascinated by Celtic or Norse mythology or legends, including Tales of Ancient Warriors, Summer of the Red Dragon, and Something Wicked. For anyone who loves ancient legend and literature, hearing Whitaker as a storyteller is a mesmerizing and unforgettable experience. nike air max 90 donna Whitaker’s website is here: http://www.storymantales.com/ He is approachable, so listen to his samples and drop him an email. nike air max pas cher I highly recommend him. I’d love to hear your thoughts about what you find.