Biography of a Sea Captain’s Life: A book for those who love the sea . . .

The more I study the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas, a region where I’ve worked one-two weeks every month for the past year and a half, the more I see the connection of the region’s trade and politics to the history of New Orleans. buy albion gold Cotton especially poured into Mexico from this busy port and other goods were sent back to New Orleans. I edited the memoirs of W.C. Flanders, one of the early 19th century settlers in New Orleans, was a man who loved the sea. cheap albion gold At the age of fifteen, he ran away from home to follow his calling, which he never abandoned until into his old age. He experienced the sailor

Patrick Cleburne Festival:

imagesOnce again, it’s time for one of my favorite events: The Patrick Cleburne Festival in Cleburne, Texas. Some had forced the festival to end due to Cleburne being a Confederate General. Ironically, he was one Confederate who early in the war advocated emancipation of all slaves in the South and stood opposed to it in principle. albion gold Here are my two favorite quotes of Patrick Cleburne:

I am with the South in life or in death, in victory or defeat. I never owned a negro and care nothing for [owning] them, but these people have been my friends and have stood up to me on all occasions. In addition to this, I believe the North is about to wage a brutal and unholy war on a people who have done them no wrong, in violation of the Constitution and the fundamental principles of the government…We propose no invasion of the North, no attack on them, and only ask to be let alone.
Surrender means that the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy; that our youth will be trained by Northern school teachers; will learn from Northern school books their version of the War; will be impressed by all the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors, and our maimed veterans as fit subjects for derision.

 Pat Cleburne Birthday Here’s a good synopsis of the Festival and what you can expect to see this year as well. I found this in an article by the Cleburne Times Review in 2011 when the festival returned: After an 11-year hiatus, a birthday celebration for Gen. buy albion silver Patrick Cleburne returns to his namesake city on Saturday. The full day of events to honor the Irish-born Confederate general takes place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Buddy Stewart Park, on U.S. 67 South in Cleburne. buy albion gold

The Wilderness World of John Muir: A Short Review by the Bard of the South, Rickey E. Pittman

0395240832 I believe in serendipity, especially when it comes to the discovery of a good book. Air Jordan 7 Retro At a Friends of the Library sale, I came upon The Wilderness World of John Muir, Edited by Edwin Way Teale. polska biega asics Having ancestors who are Scots-Irish and knowing members of the Muir Clan, I was intrigued. cheap albion gold With this book, I encountered the real man, a real Scottish man who had changed the world by changing man’s view and estimation of his environment. Reading an overview of his on-foot journeys, reminded me of Guy Clarke’s song, “Walking Man.” The book is dedicated to The Sierra Club, The Wilderness Society, The National Parks Association, and all those who are fighting the good fight to preserve what John Muir sought to save. I had heard of Muir, but knew little about him. soldes nike 2017 From this book, I learned many surprising things about him–his Scottish outspokenness, his family, his journeys and journals, and most of all, I realized how ignorant much of America is about this Scotsman, who came to a land rich in beauty and wanted the world to know. buy albion silver Muir had a toughness that few even in those hard frontier days had. Bulldog Football Jerseys buy albion gold According to the jacket of the book, from 1838-1914, he covered most of the American wilderness alone and on foot, without a gun or sleeping bag with only a sackful of provisions (prob. Portland Trail Blazers cheap albion silver hardtack and tea) that would have challenged the will of the most dedicated ascetic monk. Air Max 90 Yeezy The introduction ends with this very fitting quote: “His [Muir] finest monument is the wild beauty he called attention and helped preserve–beauty, however, that is never entirely safe, beauty that needs as vigilant protection and tomorrow as it needed yesterday (xx). albion silver Muir once said, “A man in his books,” he once wrote, “may be said to walk the earth long after he had gone.” Muir did make our world better. Canotte Los Angeles Clippers albion gold He loved nature as much, if not more, than the Transcendentalists, and without a doubt, I think he knew nature better than they. Toronto Raptors cheap albion gold If I’ve tweaked your interest, find this book. new balance 1600 femme buy albion gold Used copies can be had cheaply on Amazon.

“Bodies in the Trinity”: A Short Story by Rickey Pittman

Since it’s so close to Halloween, I decided to publish here a short story I wrote some time ago that is based on the legend of La Llarona. I’d like to know what you think of it, so leave a comment if you can.

BODIES IN THE TRINITY: by Rickey Pittman

A story of La LLorona

Evil is a true thing in Mexico. It goes about on its own legs. Maybe some day it will come to you. Maybe it already has

The Bard of the South at Beaumont Public Library

On Friday, Odell Beckham Jr Giants Jerseys buy albion gold June 14, asics femme pas cher buy albion silver the Bard of the South presented his Scots-Irish program to an audience of 145 at the R.C. Drew Brees – Purdue Boilermakers buy albion gold Miller Branch of the Beaumont Public Library. cheap albion gold Here’s an endorsement I received from the Scottish Society there about my program: Thank you Ms. Matthew Stafford UGA Jersey cheap albion gold Brister [Amelia Brister is the children’s librarian there who scheduled me for the program] for the storytime featuring Rickey Pittman and his Scottish Storries and songs.We thoroughly enjoyed The Bard of the South! He had so much historical information to share about culture, cheap albion silver music, new balance 996 homme pas cher albion silver and life during many periods of European history. He also tied the history of the Scotch- Irish and their the immigration of Texas. basket nike requin homme pas cher The little ones will be looking for leprechauns in the grass of Southeast Texas!–Sincerely, Chaussures Nike Pas Cher Marilyn Manson Hayes, cheap bns gold albion gold Beaumont,

A Lover’s Ghost: CD Trailer by Rickey Pittman

Here’s a video about my new Cd, Air More Uptempo Colorways buy albion gold A Lover’s Ghost produced by computer technical creative genius, asics onitsuka tiger hombre cheap albion gold Cameron Brister. West Virginia Mountaineers buy albion silver The video tells a little bit about each of the songs I wrote for this project. Nike Air Force 180 Mid cheap albion gold You can listen to samples of the songs here: or on iTunes. Air Jordan 14 (XIV) albion silver A Lover’s Ghost Render from SquarePlanIT, LLC on Vimeo.

A Review of Storyteller, Gary Whitaker

A Review of Beuowulf: Retold by Gary Whitaker I still remember the first time I encountered the text of Beowulf. Air Jordan 5 Donna I was a NT Greek major at Abilene Christian University and one of the readings in British Literature was of course, Beuowulf. I was stunned and mesmerized. As I entered the kennings and litotes and other literary devices of my Viking ancestors, I knew I had found something that touched my soul and heart. College Football Jerseys Steve Weathers, a life-long friend, was my instructor, and as he taught the Anglo-Saxon account of the Viking tale, my soul took flight and in my imagination, I walked the mead-halls as a dragon hunter. Scarpe Jordan Basket The next significant time I encountered Beowulf was with Gary Whitaker, a storyteller who generously encouraged and prompted me to pursue Scottish-Irish storytelling. I owe him a great deal. In addition to the storytelling encouragement, I found a man who loved Beowulf as much as I did