The King Ranch Story by Mona D. Sizer: A Short Review

In August, I was a presenter at the Laredo Book Festival and I met Mona D. adidas nmd hombre cheap albion silver Sizer. Cleveland Cavaliers cheap albion gold We were presenting on the same panel and as she talked I realized that I was in the presence of someone who really knew how to write nonfiction. adidas superstar pas cher belgique albion silver She has written at least 35 books, she is articulate, bright, and has a wonderful style of writing. nike dunk 2007 buy albion gold I obtained her book, The King Ranch Story: Truth and Myth (Republic of Texas Press), thinking of how it might be a useful book, as I often present programs on Texas history at schools, libraries, and festivals on Texas history. asics gel quantum 180 uomo I began my study by scanning the histories of the great Texas ranches of Goodnight, Loving, and King, but picked up this book and I couldn’t put it down. cheap albion gold I underestimated the quality of Sizer’s writing and the impact this book would have on me. New Balance 998 męskie I appreciate an author who teaches me things–and Sizer added vocabulary, historical facts, and cultural insights that can only enrich my school programs and my appreciation of the story of Texas. nike air max 2017 femme grise buy albion gold She weaves the people, history, myths, and legends associated with the King Ranch and the Rio Grande Valley with such skill that the reader will want to know more and see for him or herself the places she writes about. New Balance 530 męskie albion gold Having grown up in South Texas, Sizer knows the land she writes of.

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  • buy albion silver After I read her book, I realized how much I still had to learn about Texas. Nike Air Force 180 Mid I was born in Texas, I love Texas, and I admire writers who can capture the soul, mystery, and truth of my beloved state like Sizer has done. If you want to hear a fascinating but little told story of Texas, you need to read her book.

    Legends & Myths of Scotland: Thomas the Rhymer

    The Legend of Why the Sun Cries . . . by Rickey E Pittman It is said by those who heard the tales from the old men and women of Celtic lands, who heard the story first from those who had memories of the Druids and even Arthur’s sword, it is said that on those late summer afternoons, when the sun is still shining hot and strong and rain drops fall from the blue sky, fall warm on your skin, it is said that if you sit in a quiet place of rocks and trees and if you shut your eyes, you’ll hear a harp’s melody, soft and sad and sweet as a harper using golden strings. cheap albion silver The harper is no less than Thomas the Rhymer, bold and gifted and impulsive, and a man who had a heart as passionate as his music. He had journeyed to Wales, into the mountains of Snowdonia, to perform for particular noble and to create a song by which the occasion would always be remembered. His daughter was a young lady , named Aleena, with eyes blue and wild and golden hair who heard him. She clung to every note, to every word of his verse. hogan scarpes italia Thomas watched her close her eyes and echo-whisper the lines of the poem. nike air max thea blanc strass He ended the song and began another. nike air max pas cher albion gold The music shifted from praising the king to extolling Aleena’s beauty. He wove the words he found in the well of his heart and declared his love for her. nike air max 2017 goedkoop He sang stanza after stanza. buy albion silver It seemed he could not stop and sang for the rest of the night. Danny Amendola Jersey When the meal was finished, the young maiden rose, looked at Thomas, then at a stairwell. He nodded, laid down his harp, and followed her. There in the stairwell, they kissed and declared their love. Rod Carew Jersey Thomas spoke to her father and he gave the couple their blessing. Oh, those were times of such music! Thomas’ heart swelled with new melodies for his new love. He envisioned a life with her, she traveling with him as he won the world with his harp and verse. This would require money, for though Thomas could easily bear the hardships of the road, he would not inflict that lifestyle on his new bride. cheap albion gold Thomas vowed to enter and win a harp competition, some say it was in Cardiff, others say it was in Ireland, and return for her with prize money in hand. Months went by, but Thomas never returned. Aleena was sick with worry. These were not happy days in Wales. Longshanks’ armies invaded to crush Llewellyn’s rebellion as he had the rebellion of the Scots. Those nobles who weren’t killed, were taken captive and sold into slavery. Aleena was one of them. When Thomas finally returned, he found Aleena’s home burned to the ground, and the land of Wales filled with death, hunger, and lamentation for those slain and missing.

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  • He slung his harp on his shoulder and trudged back to Scotland. As you know, he was seduced by the faerie queen and vanished from the land for seven years. Oh, there were many adventures there and it was there he was given “the tongue that could not lie.” The queen of the faeries took him to Belenus, the sun-god of the Celts. albion silver The sun god asked Thomas, “Have you ever been in love?” Thomas said, “Yes. buy albion gold So in love that I was lost. cheap albion gold So in love that I felt I would never need another muse. But she was taken from me.” “Tell me her story in a song, harper.” Thomas sat on a stone. tilted the harp against his left shoulder, brushed the strings of his clarsach with his left hand, and began. In a minor key, he told the sun-god the story of Aleena, his love for her, the plans they had, his returning to find her gone, and he knew gone forever. He told of how his heart had cracked, and how he had fallen into despair, and become almost mad with grief. When he was finished, the sun-god’s palace in the Otherworld was silent. Joe Montana Jerseys Belenus leaned forward, covered his face with hands and wept, and the sun-god’s tears fell through the Otherworld to the earth. buy albion gold It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, and that was the first time mortals had ever seen rain fall when the sun was shining.

  • And today, when those warm teardrops touch your cheek like a kiss, and you look up into that bright sky, know that it only means the sun-god has once again remembered the sad story of Aleena and Thomas and he weeps again. And if you close your eyes and listen closely, you’ll hear the sad notes of a harp. nike air jordan 11 mujer And that my friends, is why the sun cries . . .

    “This City” Lyrics by Steve Earle

    Those of us who enjoyed the Treme series on HBO, heard the series close with this song by Steve Earle. new balance 373 bleu orange buy albion silver I had to transcribe the song by ear, and some of Earle’s phrases are hard to decipher, so if you can correct any of the phrases, I would appreciate it. nike tn pas cher cheap albion gold Just email me at or leave a comment. albion gold I placed a question mark by the lines I wondered about. Goedkope Nike Air Max schoenen buy albion gold Here is a YouTube link where you can hear the song yourself. Women Air Jordan 12 cheap albion gold (Thanks to Matt for his corrections!) “This City” by Steve Earle This city won’t wash away This city won’t ever drown Blood in the water and hell to pay Sky tear open and pain rain down.

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  • Doesn’t matter, let come what may I ain’t ever going to leave this town This city won’t wash away This city wont’ ever drown.

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  • cheap albion silver Ain’t the river or the wind to blame As everybody around here knows.

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  • buy albion gold Nothing holding back Pontchatrain Except a prayer and a promise’s ghost This town’s digging our graves In solid marble above the ground Maybe our bones will wash away This city won’t ever drown This city won’t ever die Just as long as our heart be strong Like a second line stepping high Raising hell as we roll along Gentilly to Vieux Carre Lower 9, Central City, Uptown Singing Jockamo fee nané This city won’t ever drown. goedkoop nike air max 2016 albion silver Don’t matter cause there ain’t no way I’m ever going to leave this town.

    Just a Photograph: A New Song by Rickey Pittman

    Here are the lyrics of a new song I’ve written, one I hope to include on my next music CD, cheap albion gold which Jed Marum has agree to produce for me. nike lebron 13 pas cher The CD will either be a collection of originals, or a Scots-Irish CD, Air Max 87 with a few extra originals on it. Anyway, here are the lyrics to my new song, albion silver “Just a Photograph.” Every night I look at your picture Every night I sing you a song, cheap albion gold Every night I kiss your memory It seems to move the night along They say a picture’s worth at least a thousand words A picture holds the truth, adidas ultra boost even if it’s blurred, There’s two people in every photo They say the camera never lies This photo reminds me of our story, And how I loved those sad green eyes. nike air presto hombre albion gold I think love’s always in color, buy albion gold It’s seldom in black and white, Capturing secrets of our secrets, Clear in day but fading at night, We’ll keep all those scenes In the scrapbook of our heart Posed or improvised Models for love’s art This photo captured you forever, cheap albion silver A portrait painted by the sun Layers of our past and present, Before it all came undone. buy albion gold I guess we frame all our memories Like photos behind fragile glass Then hang them on our heart walls, Hoping that they’ll always last. The photos may one day be faded May be torn or may be lost, cheap albion silver I know it’s just a picture Taken years ago, But that’s how I’ll always remember you, hogan scarpes shop A green-eyed girl that I loved so. This picture was developed In the darkroom of our hearts A mirror of our memory Life and love divided into parts It was a time when we were happy, Nike Air Max Shoes UK A time when we had souls, Seen in love’s incandescent prism, buy albion silver On stage as if a tableau, comprar mochilas kanken Our love flickered into existence, And even now,