Bard of the South Presentation at Caldwell Parish Library

On Monday, adidas hamburg hombre June 17 the Bard of the South presented his Scots-Irish program at the Caldwell Parish Public Library in Columbia, Maglie Boston Celtics Louisiana. nike air max 2016 goedkoop The storyteller and roving troubadour presented songs, nike air max 2016 zwart stories of leprechauns and saints, Kopen nike air max schoenen and facts relating to the Seven Celtic Nations. Air Jordan 9 Retro Pittman also presented information relating to his children’s picture books, Boston Celtics The Irish Alphabet and the Scottish Alphabet and his Scots-Irish CD, Goedkoop Nike Air Max The Minstrel Boy by the Bard of the South. The audience varied in ages from infant to adult, Air Max 90 Mujer and participation and interest was at a high level. Nike Air Max 2016 Goedkoop Pittman performs at the Columbia Library annually.

Rendezvous: When the Present is an Anachronism

Rendezvous: When the Present is an Anachronism

by Rickey E. Pittman

Historic Fort Washita, located just outside of Durant, Oklahoma, on the first weekend of April, is the yearly host to what is known as a “Fur Trade Rendezvous.” The year I went, an estimated 15,000 visitors, including bussed in high school students, viewed and sampled the wares of the 30-35 vendors and observed the 150 plus campers of the rendezvous. Vendors (who like to call themselves traders or sutlers) and campers all had one thing in common: everything they wore, used, sold or traded, ate was made, done, or prepared exactly as it would have been before 1840. Canotte Basket I felt like an anachronism, walking about in my modern dress, listening to their conversations and interviewing them about the rendezvous experience. Except for the cars I could see in the background at the Fort’s entrance, I felt I had been transported into an 1840 frontier village. I have always been a lover and student of history, but I learned much more than I expected and intended. What I observed in the people of this rendezvous was not a quaint infatuation with the past, like one might have when he or she dresses up like General Grant or a Southern belle for a costume party. I felt like my body and face had been slammed into history. Those who participated in the rendezvous have an intensity that is both charismatic and jarring. They not only know and love history—they live it. Roy Kelly Jr. of Norman, Oklahoma, expressed one aspect of the rendezvous philosophy eloquently. He said, “The code we live by of is of a time that has passed, but it was a good code. Things were dealt with properly. For example, the way you treat people.” And from what I observed, they treat visitors and participants alike with politeness, dignity, and respect. Just as it was in the early 19th Century for the trappers and explorers, the rendezvous is a primary (and in some case, the only) source of income a source of entertainment, a source of information. I found that many are part of a rendezvous every week of the year. It is their life. The rendezvous follows a strict code of ethics, and camp rules, from what I heard, are strictly enforced. nike air max 90 pas cher A rendezvous may range from ultra primitive (where they literally have to walk or ride a horse or mule in) to what is considered very comfortable camping such as they enjoyed at Fort Washita. The rendezvous may be regional or national, and they are held all over the nation, with the ones in the West being the largest, some with over 1,000 campers.

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  • Those who are really into the rendezvous experience have a distinctive lifestyle. Even when away from the rendezvous, many grow all their own food, and live without most of the technology and comforts (electricity, running water, etc.) of our modern society. And they seem quite happy to be living so. History is the bond of this unique brotherhood, and history is the teacher. nike air max italian camo nike air max nederland They have values and a passion which is unique to our present age with its deepening apathy, ignorance, and dependence upon creature comforts. The cumulative knowledge of this growing group of people is a massive storehouse of practical knowledge ranging from craftsmanship to survival skills. And as all who take on this lifestyle seem to be passionate learners, readers, and researchers, these men, women, and children are able to keep history alive. I talked to some who had grown up in this lifestyle and never known anything else. Womens Air Jordan 6 A rendezvous is a sensory experience. I was overwhelmed by the rich aroma of the foods. The small campfires spread the smell of woodsmoke throughout the grounds of the fort. Minnesota Golden Gophers Jerseys Girls and ladies in buckskin and calico dresses, all handmade, glided about in moccasins or bare feet. Nike Air Huarache Heren A plains Indian in war bonnet and buckskin leggings and shirt carried a curved lance and rode about on an Appaloosa. The canvass tents of the traders were mixed with teepees for families with horses and mules tethered nearby. nike air zoom pegasus 33 hombre The competitions with axe, rifle, pistol, bow and arrow, and knife, were spirited and entertaining. (The bows, by the way, were handmade. One contestant told me he had spent months shaping his Osage Orange bow.) I learned also how vital some of the knowledge and skills these people have are to us. For example, Lloyd Teeter of Foss, Oklahoma is a trapper—badgers, coyotes, bobcats, raccoons, possums, muskrats, beavers, and skunks. Nike Air Jordan 14
    Recently an Oklahoma school had a severe skunk problem. (Need I describe how odious and traumatic an experience this could have been to the educational process there?) He trapped 10 skunks from beneath the schoolhouse without the first spraying incident. If you ever have a “varmint” problem, these trappers would be good to contact. I also met Ron Ashbury, a pencil artist, and a wonderul storyteller. We chatted as he was sketching Ft. Washita and some of the scenes of the rendezvous. He told me of the ghosts of Fort Washita, his ancestors, and his thoughts of the rendezvouz experience. Goedkope Nike Air Max 1 He made the point, that sometimes, if we understand the past, we can understand the present and understand our own world. To illustrate, he told me of some gypsum hills near Fort Washita known as the Indian stomping grounds. He told me how his grandfather had taken him to these hills as a boy and told him the various Indian legends, and how if you stomped the ground you could hear the old dance steps of Indians ghosts trapped below. Of course, he knew that the hollow sound was only due to the unique construction of those hills. Nike Solarsoft asics scarpe tennis bambino But I started thinking that this was a good analogy to understand the rendezvous crowd. There they are, in their ridiculous pioneer attire, able to live in self-sufficiency in a way most can never imagine. And why do they live that way? Because when they leave the rendezvous experience and return to us, and they stomp on the hollow ground of modern American culture, all they hear is a hollow sound, and they turn back to the hills, to their flint and steel, to families raised with books instead of television. And you know what? They really do quite fine. Nike Air Max Très pas cher Obviously, the rendezvous experience is not for everyone. Danny Amendola Jersey One man in modern dress passed me and said something about how stupid these people looked. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren grijs I was amused because by modern standards he could have easily qualified as “stupid looking.” His girlfriend did not appear pleased with his attitude and she distanced herself from him by a couple of feet and went by herself into one of trader’s tents. asics gel lyte 5 mujer beige nike buty dziecięce By the frustrated look on his face and the hurt look on hers, I think the emotional distance between them also increased. However, if you love history, if you want to see history as it was (at least as close as we can reproduce it), if you want to meet people who have minds sharper and a lifestyle tougher and leaner than most today have, a rendezvous can be an enriching experience. And who knows, if you go next year and pass a longhaired, buckskin-clad man cleaning his muzzleloader or munching down the sourbread, he just might be me. Just look for the camera and the writing pad. asics mexico damskie 1840’s rules or not, I don’t think I’m ready to give them up.

    An Interview with Hailey Sandoz

    I’ve been the emcee at the North Texas Irish Festival for a few years and it was there that I heard and met Hailey Sandoz. I was so impressed with this beautiful, talented young lady that I felt I should write this interview. She is on Facebook, and you can find her schedule there and on her website, listed below. 556136_3947405521608_2063516069_n 1. Q: When did you first pick up the fiddle/violin? When was the first time you heard it and knew that’s what you wanted to do? I started playing violin when I was eight-years-old. Air Jordan 1 My Friend Caroline Adams, who was 13, would bring her violin to a homeschool gatherings we attended, and would play a few tunes. I started really showing interest in playing the violin, and asked Caroline if she would teach me. 2. Q: You’ve received several awards. Tell my readers about those. Well, in 2012 I won the Southwest Celtic Music Association Scholarship Award. Nike Air Huarache Uomo I used the money towards going to the Nataile MacMaster Leahy Music camp in Canada. New Balance 990 mujer While I was at the Leahy camp I was privileged to receive for fiddle, the camp spirit award, which came with very generous music related prizes. 3. Q: How would you describe your style and songs? My style is made up of various genres of music. Besides Celtic music, I play Country, Bluegrass, French Canadian, and a little bit of Blues and Swing. I recently joined a Bluegrass band called “Nickelvile Road.” Anyway, my style has a little of all those. 4. Q: What advice would you give others who want to learn Irish/Scottish fiddle? My advice is to go to the O’Flaherty Irish Music youth camp and O’Flaherty Retreat. nike tn rouge The O’Flaherty Youth Camp is coming up June 24th-25th is still time to sign up). I’ve been going to both of these for years and each time I go I learn a lot! Last year the North Texas School of Irish Music was put together to help kids start playing Irish music and to learn more about it. I also recommend going to lots of sessions. nike air max pas cher You should also listen to as many recordings as you can. kanken fjallraven soldes 5. Q: Tell us about your fiddle that you use. I bought my current fiddle at the Luthier Fiddle Shop in Aubrey Tx. new balance 420 femme rose It was made by Steven T. Cundall. It is a Giorgio Luigi Belloso Valencia. It is such a great fiddle! 6. Q: Tell me about your touring schedule and future plans. As I said before, I play many genres with different people. To highlight a few, I perform a mix of Celtic and Old Tyme with a great guitarist friend, Joseph Carmichael. Nike Air Max 90 Donna Nere

    Joseph and I have played many venues over the years. We’ve performed at the North Texas Irish Festival two years in a row, we’ve also performed a couple times at the Celtic Night at the Library at the Allen Library in their performance hall, this past March. Joseph Carmichael and I are performing monthly (except July, when he is out of the country) at McKinney Farmers Market on Chestnut square. We are performing there on June 22nd .

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  • I play 2 services every Sunday with the band at Cowboy Church of Collin County. I usually perform once a month at Crossroads Cowboy Church in McKinney with the Crossroads Cowboy band. We performed in March at the Mesquite Resistol Arena in March and will also be performing with them again on June 30th at the Crossroads Freedom Celebration, you can get more information on the website. I play once a month at Trinity Hall Restaurant and Pub with the Trinity Hall Session Players. new balance 997 on sale Air Jordan 5 Also performing with Bluegrass band – Nickelville Road at Wylie Jubilee Bluegrass on Ballard Festival on Saturday July 6th and August 17th at the Acoustic Music Society in Paris Texas, The Chrystal Opry House is in Whitewright/Tom Bean area November 2nd . For more events go to my website 7. College Football Jerseys Q: Favorite tunes? There are so many great tunes its hard to choose one over the other. Air Max 2016 Sale New Balance 247 męskie But Here’s a few tunes: “Jeans reel,” “Guns of the Magnificent Seven,” and the “Oblique Jig.” 8. Q: What is hardest thing to learn playing Celtic fiddle? The bowing style is probably the hardest thing to overcome. There is so many techniques for bowing and patterns. Todd Gurley UGA Jersey 9. Q: Why do you like what you do? It’s a lot of fun, it give me something I can share with others, and it’s great sessioning with other people. scarpe asics running online 10. Q: Who has had the greatest influence on your musical career? Liz Carroll, and Patrick McAviune are my biggest influences. Russell Wilson Jerseys Though I have many influences, Clare Cason who is my fiddle teacher has really helped me over the years. I also want to acknowledge Ken Fleming, Peggy Fleming, Gordon McLeod, Michelle Feldman, and Rick Roberts, and many more. 11 Q: What are your future plans? I plan to play music professionally, maybe be a recording artist, and work with horses on the side. 12. Q: Your website/manager? My website is: My manager is my mom Julia Sandoz. Air Max 2016 Mujer 13. Q: You’re an Irish step dancer. Inform my readers what that is and means. Irish dance is a form of dance originating from Ireland. NMD Adidas Dames Most people refer to it as Riverdance.

  • There are solo dances, and group dances called Figures. Most dancers go to competitions called Feis’. There are several types of dances Jig, Reel, Slip jig, Single jig, Treble jig, Hornpipe, and Treble reel.

    “Midnight Flight” by Jeff Talmadge, Chords and Lyrics

    Those of you who follow the blog of the Bard of the South know I’m a fan of Jeff Talmadge. I think he’s one of the most talented songwriters we have in Americana music.  Here are the chords and lyrics for “Midnight Flight,” a song that if should listen to when you put or see someone you know on a plane. If the chords are wrong or need tweaking, let me know. You can purchase the song on Amazon and other sites,  but you can download a iTunes copy here: Jeff’s website is here:

    “Midnight Flight” by Jeff Talmadge

    VERSE ONE: C F A midnight flight is leaving for Atlanta C G At least that’s where I’m guessing she is now, C F Then the roar of engines, then the lights beneath the thunder,  C G C And I can only wonder where that plane is setting down.

    VERSE TWO: And if she’s got a window seat,  She’s looking while she’s leaving, Her memory grows smaller with the ride, There’s a fire on the horizon, Whether you’re coming or you’re going,  But you can’t tell if it just started Or if the fire has died.

    CHORUS: Am F C G7 And I’ve been out walking when the morning looked like diamonds,  F Am I have smelled the sweet magnolias in the rain,  F G7 I could almost hear her talking, C F When the lightning lit my window, G7 F (Resolve on C) I can almost see her face against the pain.

    VERSE THREE: It’s all a simple matter,  Of which way you are headed, If the place you’re going looks like hell or home, But tonight the storm is blowing And the elements are crashing, Tomorrow I will still be here And tomorrow,  she’ll be gone.

    An Interview with Charles Bowden


    Charles Bowden has been added to my list of favorite writers. His nonfiction is some of the most powerful and intriguing I’ve ever read. His is the type of writing that changes a person, sometimes so powerful that it rattles and disturbs the sensitive. His books teach you far more than you expected, perhaps wanted, to learn about human nature and Northern Mexico.

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  • You can find his press kit and extended biography here. I’ve listed below his books that I’ve read and where you can purchase them. Below is the interview that he graciously gave me. 1. QUESTION: I first learned of you through the HBO series, Witness: Juarez. How did you get involved in that program? I have never seen the broadcast and had no idea I was in it. I do know Eros, the photographer featured. He and some others came by the house, I recall, filmed Molly Molloy and me and hell then I forgot all about it. Nike Air Max 90 He did alert me to the broadcast but I did not seem to understand that meant I was in it. I am charmed if they used Tom Thumb’s Blues, a Dylan song I used as floating quotation in a book I did with a bunch of brilliant Juarez photographers—Juarez: the laboratory of our future. 2. nike tn requin pas cher In Murder City, you focus on Juarez, though you make references in your writing to other cities in the Valley. How and in what ways do other cities in Northern Mexico compare to Juarez? Juarez became the epicenter of the violence during the six years of the administration of Felipe Calderon. Over a hundred thousand people were slaughtered in Mexico in those years, 11,000 of them in one city, Juarez. Scarpe Nike Air Max Also, Juarez lost two to three hundred thousand people to flight from violence and poverty (out of an estimated population of 1.3 million). About a third of the houses were abandoned, forty to fifty percent of the shops closed. But the violence erupted earlier in Nuevo Laredo and other communities facing Texas. I remember being in Nuevo Laredo in 2005 or 06 and you could feel the chill of cold fear in the air. I visited the newspaper that had been attacked ceased to publish stories on drug people. Juarez is in some ways an extreme case of the violence that now is sweeping all of Mexico as order erodes. 3. In Murder City, you said something reassuring about how the violence in Mexico is NOT spilling across the border. What is it that makes our side of the river so much safer? What will keep it safe? As so many have fled or moved their families and businesses here and work in Mexico, will that be a factor? Will those who flee from Mexico be future targets of assassins or kidnappings? In Mexico, violence is essential to the drug business. Asics Gel Lyte 3 Pas Cher In the US, it is bad for business. No contract law can be invoked if some cheats in a drug deal. Violence is the only method of enforcement in the business. To be sure, there are kidnappings and reprisals on the US side against those who fail to fulfill their end of a drug deal. But this is limited in scope in order not to create a reaction from US law enforcement. Violence is bad for the business here. And it is a huge business. By the mid nineties DEA intelligence for example pegged the take of the Juarez drug organization at over $10 billion a year. At that time, drugs earned Mexico about $30 billion a year in hard currency, more than oil, tourism or money sent home by Mexicans working illegally in the US, the three leading licit sources of foreign currency. Clearly, the drug industry has the power to penetrate all the major institutions of Mexican life, both church and state. The flight of Mexicans in the past six years to the US is unlikely to increase violence here. Ohio State Buckeyes I will give you one simple example. FLYKNIT LUNAR3

    nike air max 2017 goedkoop El Paso is the safest city of its size in the US. Adidas Heren Oregon Ducks For the past five years or so, members of the Juarez drug organization have colonized parts of the city to escape the violence in Juarez. They now commute to work. Air Jordan 9 For Kids And yet this has resulted in no increase in violence because, among other reasons, the solution rate for homicide in El Paso is 96 percent. In Juarez it is less than two percent and in the case of drug killings it is zero. In your research on the violence in northern Mexico, what surprised/shocked you the most? How much time did you spend in Mexico doing the research for Murder City? For Down by the River? Describe your writing schedule/habits. God, this is hard to answer. I spent eight years on Down by the River, most of them in frustration. Murder City took two years. I do a lot of research, and when I write I seem to explode. I did four drafts of Down by the River in a year, the first one I remember I did in forty-two days. I do a lot of drafts, half dozen or more. I work all the time. Jayron Hosley I generally finance the writing of the books because I do unfashionable things. Down by the River was the exception—I knew I need financial help for such a venture into the drug and all its delays. What advice would you give beginning writers? Advice to writers who want to travel to Mexico? For beginning writers, write and rewrite. If you can work for a newspaper for a spell, it forces you out of your limited world. It did that for me. As for Mexico, be careful, be patient and be grateful you can meet a world unlike your own. Nike Air Jordan Baratas What are your predictions of the future for northern Mexico and the Rio Grande Valley? There will be more refugees coming north. The criminal economy of Mexico (extortion, kidnapping, drugs) will expand and grow ever less centralized as more players replace the half dozen earlier cartels. The government’s participation in this economy of crime will increase but its influence over it will decrease. Julio Jones Alabama Jersey

    Just as now it no longer can deliver security through brute force. Your research and writing points out that there seems to be so much we don’t know about Mexico, the drug world and even our own government’s policies, hypocrisies, secrets. Is our own media in the dark or just not reporting or are they censored? Is our own public’s ignorance willful or has the public opinion been manipulated? I cannot explain the willful ignorance of the US press covering Mexico. The Mexican press is terrorized. The US press does not like to challenge power. You point out how drugs are entering through ports of entry because of corruption. How extensive is this corruption? Is there a solution to this? Who do the cartels target? How do they make their offers? Because of the great quantity of drugs entering the nation, this corruption must be fairly extensive. With the drug war and the wall, we have created a system that corrupts federal agents because so much money is now out on the table and because the growth the agencies has lacked proper vetting of new hires. This will grow worse because you cannot repeal a market economy. Nike Air Max 90 Femme Rose People here will continue to want drugs. People there will continue to seek escape to the north. What future projects do you have on the burner? The story of Down by the River is heartbreaking. Womens Air Jordan 6 To me it reveals some serious problems with our government as well as how expendable even a good man can be. Comment on our drug policies. Are our existing drug policies cosmetic? Designed to make the public feel things are being done? And with our nation’s drug strategy: What is our drug strategy? Are there changes being made in the DEA and Homeland Security and Border Patrol that look promising? My next book is about my love of nature. There is no hope for an improvement in the violence and corruption of the drug world or the drug war unless drugs are legalized.

    Rio Grande Valley Home Song

    Followers of this blog know that I’m on the road a lot and that much of the time I’m in the Rio Grande Valley. Scarpe Air Jordan Xxx Maglia Michael Jordan cheap albion gold I love the history, the people, and the culture here. PURE BOOST

  • buy albion gold Here’s the music for a song popular down here, “My Valley Home.” When I visit Rotary clubs in the RGV, they often sing this song in opening or closing of their meetings. Nike Air More Uptempo nike air max chaussures buy albion gold According to one source, a Mr. Air Jordan 9 cheap albion silver L. new balance 996 femme bleu gold

  • Adidas Superstar Blu Donna
  • F. free run 5.0 nero uomo

  • albion silver “Cotton” Boling wrote the lyrics when he returned from World War I. Lunettes de soleil Ray Ban

  • Nike Air Max 90 Donna
  • buy albion silver He was member of a quartet and manager of the San Benito Chamber of Commerce. Zapatillas Air Max Nike kanken fjallraven soldes albion gold The song is still sung everywhere it seems. Pittsburgh Panthers chaussure new balance femme 2016 cheap albion gold At one time, I read they gave out the song lyrics at some border crossings.

    Lyrics and chords to “Why Did You Leave Me Now” by Liz Rodrigues

    I’ve decided to add a bit to this post. nike air huarache dames zwart

    First of all, I had to make a couple of corrections. Maglie Cleveland Cavaliers buy albion gold Thank you readers for taking the time to write me! They are corrected! I also have met through email, the original writer of the song, Sam Rosenbaum. Nike Italia albion silver He is a jeweler in Toronto. buy albion gold To see the backstory of the song, go this video: It is such a moving story! I’m trying to find out more about Liz Rodriguez, the singer of the song that was featured on last week’s HBO, but I will likely have to save that for later. nike buty dziecięce albion gold Why Did You Leave Me Now? by Liz Rodgrigues Verse 1: Dm Gm Where did the time go C Dm When we were young? Dm` Gm Laughing dancing, soaking up the sun C F Bb Never thinking what was to come C Dm It never crossed our minds. chaussures nike cheap albion gold Dm Gm OH, we were so much in love C Dm We never thought of things to come. Air Jordan 10 Uomo cheap albion silver Chorus: Dm Gm Why did you leave me now? A7 Dm Just when when they said you’re fine Dm Gm Why did you leave me now, A7 Dm Why did you die? Verse 2: I’ll never have another chance, To see you again. air max 2017 goedkoop buy albion silver To hold you, squeeze you, touch your hand, It seems so unfair, But life’s that way, God took you away Oh, we were so much in love, We never thought of things to come. zonnebril ray ban heren cheap albion gold CHORUS: VERSE 3: To all you people in the world, Listen to my song Life is short, enjoy the ride, Cause you’ll never know When it will stop, It doesn’t cross your mind, If you ever fall in love, You better think of things to come.

    “No Brakes”: A Short Story by Rickey Pittman

    Here’s another story I intend on including in my new collection of short fiction horror.


    “Anyone can kill an enemy, but it takes a strong man to kill a friend.”—Eskiminzin, Apache chief. Roger had been my best friend for over ten years. He was also movie-actor handsome, a Don Juan able to charm his way into the arms of most women. He had always been energetic and charismatic, conning and charming his way out of tight and awkward situations that would have buried anyone else. Then Roger’s luck ran out. He lost his job. buy albion gold After his wife caught him whoring around, the divorce cleaned out his bank account and separated him forever from his kids. Depression set in, his drinking intensified, and I would lose contact with him for weeks at a time whenever he binged and vanished into his whiskey-hazed world. buy albion gold After I read in the paper that he had been busted for writing hot checks, I felt sick to my stomach, wondering where his self-destructive path would end. And then something happened that had never happened before—he called and asked me to bail him out of jail. I found a bondsman and took care of it. When I woke the next morning after a troubled sleep, I figured it was time for Roger and I to have a heart to heart talk, so I drove to Roger’s Oak Cliff address and parked my BMW behind a battered black 62 Ford Fairlane. O.J. Howard Alabama Jersey

    An older man sat on the front porch of the rundown house. His eyes were tired and jaundiced, his unshaved face grizzled. Like the house, he had obviously seen better times. A bicycle with two large side baskets was upturned and he appeared to be tightening its spokes with a tiny rusted crescent wrench. When I stepped out of the BMW and walked toward him, he said, “Nice car.” He pointed to the Fairlane. “That be my car. Lord, she was fast and sleek, just like my women. She was running good till she lost her brakes. albion silver Then it seemed like nothing else would work right. Now I can’t even get her started. Air Jordan Pas cher

    So I guess she’s just going to sit there till she rots or gets towed off.” “I guess if you ain’t going to fix it, that would be the best thing.” I spat into the grass, then lit a cigarette. Scarpe Adidas Online albion gold “You know a white boy named Roger?” I asked. “He’s supposed to live at this address.” “Where you from, cracker?” he asked. He pointed at my cigarettes. “I shore would like one of them Kools.” I shook him out a cigarette and then pitched him a paper book of matches. cheap albion silver “I really ain’t got time for small talk,” I said. “You know this boy Roger or not?” “Yeah, he be around back.” He pointed to his right. “That crackhead lives in the bottom apartment with an outside door. He gots lots of beer cans piled up. I guess he gonna get in the can business too.” “Much obliged,” I said. “A man can make good money pickin’ up cans.” “I wouldn’t know. At Roger’s door, I heard Jim Morrison’s tormented voice singing “The End.” I pounded on the door with my fist till Roger answered. His face was drawn and streaked, his hands dirty and scabbed. His movie-star handsome looks were fading fast. “Oh, hey, Ken. You out slummin?” He grinned as he wiped sleep crud from his eyes. He eyed the Burger King sack in my hand. Under Armour Micro G Torcia “I brought you a meal. Nike Air zoom Pegasus 31 damskie Why don’t you invite me in. Air Huarache Donna Nere

    And turn down that damn music so we can talk.” “Sure.” He opened the door and motioned me into the cluttered apartment. “Thanks for getting me out of county, Ken. You’re a good friend.” “Yeah, a good friend.” I scanned the room. A forest of empty beer bottles rose in the midst of overflowing ashtrays and pizza boxes filled with petrified crusts. “It stinks like shit in here, Roger. Why don’t you clean it up once in a while?” “Ah, It ain’t so bad. The maid’s just falling down on the job.” “You ain’t got no maid, no girlfriend either. Probably couldn’t even get it up if you could find one that would put up with your sorry ass.” I pointed to the glass pipe on the coffee table. “You’re burning rock again, ain’t you?” He shrugged his shoulders. “Not much. cheap albion gold I got things under control.” “Crack or ice?” He smiled, but his face was blank. One eye twitched, and the other crossed strangely. “Control, shit,” I said. “You’re strung out. New Balance 990 męskie Roger. Look at yourself. You couldn’t stop using if you wanted to. buy albion silver ” “Don’t start preaching at me, man. I thought you were my friend.” “I am your best friend, Roger. adidas nmd r1 uomo That’s why I’m here. I’m going to make you stop this shit.” He laughed. “Oh, sure. Ken’s going to make me go to rehab?” He sat down on the mildewed couch and ate the burger and fries I had bought him. When he finished, I sat next to him. cheap albion gold I pulled the .38 from my cargo pants pocket and pressed it against his forehead. “Close your eyes, Roger.

    Cry, Little Artillery Man: A Song by Rickey E. Pittman

    Some years ago, I learned the story of Jane Perkins, an Irish girl who moved to America from ireland during the Potato Famine. Air Jordan 5 Uomo Here’s the short version. She and her brother eventually settled in Danville, VA. She became a school teacher, and when the War Between the States erupted, she joined the Danville Artillery unit with her brother. nike air max 90 vt femme She fought with the ferociousness of her Celtic ancestors, was captured and sent to Point Lookout Prison in Maryland. asics buty męskie They discovered she was a woman when she gave birth to a little boy that her fellow soldiers named, Little Artillery Man. Peyton Manning Tennessee Football Jerseys The Federals took the baby from her, and she was taken to the Old Capitol Prison in Washington where she was tortured and abused. Nike Air Jordan 6 Womens Finally released, she walked back to Virginia and rejoined her artillery unit. USC Trojans She vanishes from history and our records after the battle of Petersburg, where it’s assumed she died. Air Jordan 4 Donna

    A sad story, but one I felt needed to be told, so I wrote this song performed in Cry, Little Artillery Man from SquarePlanIT, LLC on Vimeo. Huston Street Baseball Jersey

    You can read her complete story in a fine book, Lady Rebel:The Story of Private Jane Perkins, by George and Patti Beil. Here are the lyrics of the song that I do in the key of D.

    Cry, Little Artillery Man

    VERSE 1 Lincoln built a prison He called it Point Lookout To the barren sand of Maryland, He sent soldiers of the South. They fenced us in with water, And unmarked deadlines, 50,000 came here, 14,000 died. Scarpe Nike Store There’s a thousand ways to break a man, And the Yankees know them all, They kept us cold and hungry, And tried to make us crawl. They shot us out of meanness, And starved us out of spite, We buried our dead in the sand, And prayed for them at night. CHORUS I’m here at Point Lookout With all these men in gray, In frostbit feet and ragged clothes, With the South so far away. Abandon hope, ye who enter here, This place that God has cursed, In this cold hell at Chesapeake Bay Lincoln’s devils drive the hearse. asics gel kinsei VERSE 2 On a hot July morning, I heard a baby cry, A crowd of soldiers stood and cheered, A few men wiped their eyes. air max 1 pas cher Kanken Big We called him Little Artillery Man Though there were no cannon there, We named him for his mama, Like us, imprisoned there. Hollister Her name was Jane Perkins, A proud Irish girl She taught school in Virginia Till Rebel flags unfurled, When war came in 61, Her world changed overnight She cut her hair, dressed like a man And signed up for the fight. CHORUS So cry, Little Artillery Man, Wake the men in blue, Let the Yankees hear your voice, Make them hear the truth, Cry, Little Artillery Man, They’ve taken your mama from you, Here at Point Lookout, Babies are prisoners too. VERSE 3 She fought with Lee for three long years, With the Danville Artillery, Till the Yankees took her prisoner, And sent her here with me. When you were born, they took her away, And shackled her in chains. goedkoop air max 2017 In Washington, tortured, abused, She learned there’s many kinds of pain. When the Yankees were through with her, Your mama was set free, She walked back to Virginia, To the Danville Artillery. nike air max They say she died at Petersburg Before the war was done. She fought for the South, and she fought for you, For you, her only son. Air Jordan 5 (V) CHORUS So cry, Little Artillery Man, Wake the men in blue, Let the Yankees hear your voice, Make them hear the truth, Cry, Little Artillery Man, They’ve taken your mama from you, And here at Point Lookout, Babies are prisoners too.