An Interview with Hailey Sandoz

I’ve been the emcee at the North Texas Irish Festival for a few years and it was there that I heard and met Hailey Sandoz. I was so impressed with this beautiful, talented young lady that I felt I should write this interview. She is on Facebook, and you can find her schedule there and on her website, listed below. 556136_3947405521608_2063516069_n 1. Q: When did you first pick up the fiddle/violin? When was the first time you heard it and knew that’s what you wanted to do? I started playing violin when I was eight-years-old. Air Jordan 1 My Friend Caroline Adams, who was 13, would bring her violin to a homeschool gatherings we attended, and would play a few tunes. I started really showing interest in playing the violin, and asked Caroline if she would teach me. 2. Q: You’ve received several awards. Tell my readers about those. Well, in 2012 I won the Southwest Celtic Music Association Scholarship Award. Nike Air Huarache Uomo I used the money towards going to the Nataile MacMaster Leahy Music camp in Canada. New Balance 990 mujer While I was at the Leahy camp I was privileged to receive for fiddle, the camp spirit award, which came with very generous music related prizes. 3. Q: How would you describe your style and songs? My style is made up of various genres of music. Besides Celtic music, I play Country, Bluegrass, French Canadian, and a little bit of Blues and Swing. I recently joined a Bluegrass band called

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  1. I’m impressed. And I certainly didn’t know that Celtic fiddling incorporates different bowing techniques and patterns. Amanda Shaw is one of my favorite fiddlers; I believe that she’s based in New Orleans and plays a “jazzy” blue grass.

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