“Midnight Flight” by Jeff Talmadge, Chords and Lyrics

Those of you who follow the blog of the Bard of the South know I’m a fan of Jeff Talmadge. I think he’s one of the most talented songwriters we have in Americana music.  Here are the chords and lyrics for “Midnight Flight,” a song that if should listen to when you put or see someone you know on a plane. If the chords are wrong or need tweaking, let me know. You can purchase the song on Amazon and other sites,  but you can download a iTunes copy here: Jeff’s website is here:

“Midnight Flight” by Jeff Talmadge

VERSE ONE: C F A midnight flight is leaving for Atlanta C G At least that’s where I’m guessing she is now, C F Then the roar of engines, then the lights beneath the thunder,  C G C And I can only wonder where that plane is setting down.

VERSE TWO: And if she’s got a window seat,  She’s looking while she’s leaving, Her memory grows smaller with the ride, There’s a fire on the horizon, Whether you’re coming or you’re going,  But you can’t tell if it just started Or if the fire has died.

CHORUS: Am F C G7 And I’ve been out walking when the morning looked like diamonds,  F Am I have smelled the sweet magnolias in the rain,  F G7 I could almost hear her talking, C F When the lightning lit my window, G7 F (Resolve on C) I can almost see her face against the pain.

VERSE THREE: It’s all a simple matter,  Of which way you are headed, If the place you’re going looks like hell or home, But tonight the storm is blowing And the elements are crashing, Tomorrow I will still be here And tomorrow,  she’ll be gone.