Lyrics and chords to “Why Did You Leave Me Now” by Liz Rodrigues

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First of all, I had to make a couple of corrections. Maglie Cleveland Cavaliers buy albion gold Thank you readers for taking the time to write me! They are corrected! I also have met through email, the original writer of the song, Sam Rosenbaum. Nike Italia albion silver He is a jeweler in Toronto. buy albion gold To see the backstory of the song, go this video: It is such a moving story! I’m trying to find out more about Liz Rodriguez, the singer of the song that was featured on last week’s HBO, but I will likely have to save that for later. nike buty dziecięce albion gold Why Did You Leave Me Now? by Liz Rodgrigues Verse 1: Dm Gm Where did the time go C Dm When we were young? Dm` Gm Laughing dancing, soaking up the sun C F Bb Never thinking what was to come C Dm It never crossed our minds. chaussures nike cheap albion gold Dm Gm OH, we were so much in love C Dm We never thought of things to come. Air Jordan 10 Uomo cheap albion silver Chorus: Dm Gm Why did you leave me now? A7 Dm Just when when they said you’re fine Dm Gm Why did you leave me now, A7 Dm Why did you die? Verse 2: I’ll never have another chance, To see you again. air max 2017 goedkoop buy albion silver To hold you, squeeze you, touch your hand, It seems so unfair, But life’s that way, God took you away Oh, we were so much in love, We never thought of things to come. zonnebril ray ban heren cheap albion gold CHORUS: VERSE 3: To all you people in the world, Listen to my song Life is short, enjoy the ride, Cause you’ll never know When it will stop, It doesn’t cross your mind, If you ever fall in love, You better think of things to come.

4 thoughts on “Lyrics and chords to “Why Did You Leave Me Now” by Liz Rodrigues

  1. Thank you! I started looking for this song right aster hearing it at the end of the show. It’s beautiful, dark and melancholy…just my style. Thanks again!

  2. There are 3 verses to the song. As you have written it here, you have duplicated Verse 1 and Verse 2 as a second Verse 2 and Verse 3. Your Verse 4 is really the final Verse, Verse 3. Have I confused you with these comments? Maybe you did this by accident, since you were showing chords for Verse 1 and Verse 2.

  3. Hi..I wrote this song…you have too many verses..there are only 3 verses…..
    also…in the second verse the lyrics should read…I’ll never have another chance, to see you again, to hold you, squeeze you, touch your hair, (not hand..)
    3rd verse should be : to all you people in the world, listen to my song, life is short enjoy the ride, cause you’ll never know (I used a short version of because)
    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,


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