As Told on Oprah The Murder of Johnnie Mae Chappell: A Forgotten Civil Rights Story

Lee Cody has written a wonderful book entitled, The 14th Denial: A Civil Rights Memoir, edited by yours truly. nike pas cher cheap albion gold The book tells the story of how in the midst of the volatile times surrounding the Civil Rights Movement, two police detectives solved one of our nation’s worst hate crimes and paid for it with their careers.

Lee Cody, Jr. New Balance buty dziecięce worked with the Duval County Sheriff’s Office for seven years, reaching the rank of Detective Sgt. asics buty meskie gel sonoma albion silver The Jacksonville native helped solve one of Northeast Florida’s worst hate crimes, but he paid for it with his career. nike air max 90 pas cher buy albion gold In the years since, he has collected a mountain of evidence that reveals a horrifying conspiracy, a tale of blatant racism and denial of the rights promised citizens by the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. new balance md 1500 homme This book tells the true story of the murder of Jonnie Mae Chappell, a thirty-five-year-old African-American mother of ten. Air Jordan 13 Retro buy albion gold As told on Oprah, Dateline, Court T.V.

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  • cheap albion silver and the History Channel, the story also reveals a massive conspiracy on the part of law enforcement and government officials and prosecutors—both state and federal—and even members of the FBI who were determined to cover up Ms. Adidas Superstar Schoenen Dames cheap albion gold Chappell’s murder, the governmental corruption and obstruction of justice, and the civil rights violations that Sgt. asics gel lyte 3 donna albion gold Cody and other detectives discovered. Maglia Anthony Davis buy albion silver This is a story that America needs to hear.

    4 thoughts on “As Told on Oprah The Murder of Johnnie Mae Chappell: A Forgotten Civil Rights Story

    1. The words of a writer with such a heart to care for one humane life is breathless. God have mercy on the souls that did this. For the breath that they took from her they will hear for the rest of they’re lives. Thank you Mr. Cody for caring.

    2. I bought this wonderful book a few years ago from Lee thru my good friend Jay Scully, author of Dutch Coffee Shop! Lee was an amazing man…. So very glad I got to meet and spend time with him!!!

    3. I am going to portray Johnnie Mae Chappell as best I can for some juvenille detainees on Friday 2-21-2014 on said:

      I am going to purchase the book. Thanks to Mr. Cody and Mr. Coleman the two ex detectives for constantly pursuing the truth.

      May God protect both of them and their loved ones.

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