Some Days You Write the Song: Lyrics by Guy Clark

During my recent drive to the DFW area to do book signings at 4 Sam’s Club stores, I listened to my favorite radio station there, The Range, and as usual, I heard a song that I couldn’t live without learning. It was another one by Guy Clark, one of the finest songwriters that has ever lived. As I am working hard on writing my own songs, I thought this one had good application to my own life and mind. I personally transcribed these. I know they are more accurate than other versions on the Net.

“Some Days You Write the Song” by Guy Clark


1 thought on “Some Days You Write the Song: Lyrics by Guy Clark

  1. I agree Rick, Guy Clark is likely the greatest living songwriter. I found a video (you tube) that Rodney Crowell did for the song “Long and Lonesome
    Highway”, in which Guy appears. Poignant song, funny video. (Stuff that works I guess)

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