The Forgotten Louisiana: Cameron Parish After the Hurricane

Early this morning, I was interviewed by Evan Johnson, Sunrise Reporter for KPLC TV, Channel 7 in Lake Charles.  Johnson is a sharp television broadcaster. He is full of energy, and he is one of those people in whose eyes you can see future greatness. Evan’s photo is below. KPLC’s link is here:


Today, I presented programs at Grand Lake, Grand Cheniere, and Cameron Libraries. The kids were wonderful, and I can tell that the librarians and their staffs are working their hearts out.  Several parents were there and added much to the programs.  Tomorrow, I’ll be at the Hackberry and Johnson Bayou libraries. Back in the hurricanes Katrina and Rita days, I did not hear much about this parish.  The librarians showed me photos of the devastation, and even now, the land is scarred beyond imagination. I would say that the devastation would have to have been as great, if not worse, than what south Mississippi suffered.

In some ways, I felt I am at the end of the world–flat, beautiful marshes stretching as far as the eye can see. When I return to Monroe, I am going to reopen Bayou Farewell and see if that writer talks much of this part of the state. The area has a deep beauty, though after the hurricane, a sad beauty.  I love the people here with their Cajun accent, their love of life, and their strong work ethic. I hope I can come back. I’ve presented the programs a little differently than I did at schools. The presentations have been more kinesthetic, allowing the kids to touch and handle my Civil War artifacts and the other display items.

Jefferson Davis Statue at Beauvoir

I still can’t get the images of Beauvoir out of my head. As Jefferson Davis Parish is nearby, folks are quite interested in the Jim Limber story. Here is a statue of Jefferson Davis on the grounds:

jeff davis statue