“This City” Lyrics by Steve Earle

Those of us who enjoyed the Treme series on HBO, heard the series close with this song by Steve Earle. new balance 373 bleu orange buy albion silver I had to transcribe the song by ear, and some of Earle’s phrases are hard to decipher, so if you can correct any of the phrases, I would appreciate it. nike tn pas cher cheap albion gold Just email me at rickeyp@bayou.com or leave a comment. albion gold I placed a question mark by the lines I wondered about. Goedkope Nike Air Max schoenen buy albion gold Here is a YouTube link where you can hear the song yourself. Women Air Jordan 12 cheap albion gold (Thanks to Matt for his corrections!) “This City” by Steve Earle This city won’t wash away This city won’t ever drown Blood in the water and hell to pay Sky tear open and pain rain down.

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  • Doesn’t matter, let come what may I ain’t ever going to leave this town This city won’t wash away This city wont’ ever drown.

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  • cheap albion silver Ain’t the river or the wind to blame As everybody around here knows.

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  • buy albion gold Nothing holding back Pontchatrain Except a prayer and a promise’s ghost This town’s digging our graves In solid marble above the ground Maybe our bones will wash away This city won’t ever drown This city won’t ever die Just as long as our heart be strong Like a second line stepping high Raising hell as we roll along Gentilly to Vieux Carre Lower 9, Central City, Uptown Singing Jockamo fee nané This city won’t ever drown. goedkoop nike air max 2016 albion silver Don’t matter cause there ain’t no way I’m ever going to leave this town.

    6 thoughts on ““This City” Lyrics by Steve Earle

    1. A few corrections:
      “As everybody around HERE knows
      Except a PRAYER…


    2. I’m doing it by ear too, but I’m familiar with the southern speech. To my ear, he says at #4, “we (or we’ll) just carry on diggin’ our graves, in solid marble above the ground.”

      At the next to last:

      ‘This city will never die
      Just as long as her heart beats strong
      Like a second line steppin’ high
      Raisin’ hell as we roll along”

      And it’s “Lower 9th” (as in ward) not Lower 9, I think.

      See if that works. Thanks.

      • its a simple 3 chorder (D G A) – the trick is he does it in an open D tuning. Try it.

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