Trish Murphy Lyrics: “St. Christopher”

I decided to post another Trish Murphy song today. This is “St. Christopher” from her Captured CD. I often wear a St. Christopher medal and the song made me think of how we rashly cast off our amulets of protection, love, and safety. I plan on turning the song into a short story.  If you’d like to know more about Trish Murphy, her busy schedule, and her music, be sure to visit her site here:

“St. Christopher” by Trish Murphy

V. 1 Put it down on paper,
Images and vapor
It all comes so clearly to me now.
A Certified disaster
The fool she is my master
But no priest can save me anyhow


Indian summer,
There won’t be another,
You will always be
Beautiful to me

I took out the dagger
Ripped off the wrapper,
Then I gave my heart and soul away
I threw out St. Christopher
I don’t know why I did that for
Now I’m searching for you every day.

V. 2 Watch the moon fade
But still I see your face
And anyway your ghost is at my door
Just like my memory
My word’s short on delivery
So I stumble to the liquor store


V. 3 I’m going under
Looking for your number
Even though I know that you don’t care
And I paid the pay phone bandit
And I took the call and slammed it
Because now the number’s old and you’re not there