“The Fox and the Hare” Traditional Irish Song Lyrics

To help me with my storytelling at festivals and school programs, I recently purchased a CD entitled, When I was Young: Children’s Songs from Ireland. This CD has 28 songs and was a good choice, delightfully entertaining and I know it will be a big help with my music. The performers featured on the CD are Len Graham, Garry O Brian, and Padraigin Ni Uallachain. Here are the lyrics to the “Fox and the Hare” which I transcribed from the CD jacket. I LOVE it when a CD comes with the lyrics. The artists and producers who do this know that having the lyrics helps motivate many of us to buy the CD.

“The Fox and the Hare”

As I came trotting over the hill
I spied a fox and he be sleeping
A cute little fox and he hiding in the furze
And the top of his two ears a peeping.

The fox and the hare and the badger and the bear
And the birds in the greenwood trees
All the pretty little rabbits
All engaging in their habits
And they’re all having fun but me.

Good morrow fox, good morrow Sir,
Pray what is that you’re eating
A fine fat goose I stole from you
And will you come and taste it.

Oh no indeed bold fox I said
How dare you boldly taunt me
I vow and I swear that you’ll dearly pay
For the fine fat goose you’re eating.

Bad cess to you bold bad fox
That stole my geese and ate them
My great big drake my fine fat hen
And the nicest little ducks in Erin.

You can find a more adult version of the song as sang by Jimmy Crowley here: http://www.mysongbook.de/msb/songs/f/foxandth.html