An Interview with Photographer Catherine Somerlot

Sometimes I think artists are just meant to run into each other. I had the fortune of stumbling onto the art of Catherine Somerlot recently and she graciously consented to an interview.

4 thoughts on “An Interview with Photographer Catherine Somerlot

  1. I first noticed this artist’s work back in 2005, and had the honor of witnessing her amazing art work come to life. Since then I have only grown more proud, to call her a fellow artist, and friend. Catherine, you truly are an inspiration to me! And I’m sure to many others. Faery Blessings. Rachel

  2. Interesting to know that she was in the photography industry before becoming an artist. Disappointed to see no link to her work there, or the connection explored more. For example, why hasn’t she used more of her own photographs instead of using free stock?

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