Travel Updates

Once again I find myself at Panera’s drinking their fine coffee and doing some online work. For once, there’s no shortage of university work. In fact, there’s an overabundance! Maybe the reeling economy is driving folks back to school. My father was supposed to have his pacemaker battery replaced this week, but his white cell count was up due to a respiratory infection and the physician thought it needful to postpone it because the risk of infection from surgery had doubled. So after two days of dealing with the logistics of getting him to the VA in Dallas, I must plan on doing it again soon.
After our baptism in fire in dealing with the big government hospital system–worse than regular hospitals, but not as bad as one might think–I’ve got the process streamlined and figured out. I think too that my mother—a nervous wreck over it all—will do better next time as well. I spent yesterday by working two hours on college classes (again at Paneras) and then helping my mother with chores. One chore was planting two rows of 3 kinds of onions in her garden. I think she’s already planted potatoes. (Valentine’s day is potato planting day here). I think the garden is good for her. It’s exercise, and it gets her outside and close to nature. Plus, what one grows in a garden is just better for you than store-bought food.

After I do a little online work with my classes, I’m on the road to Houston. I’ll spend the night with friends and tomorrow present my programs at Lake Jackson, then back to Monroe by Sunday.  If you check my online calendar, you’ll see I’ve got a very busy spring ahead of me. I need to start booking events in June-July-August. The fall of 09 is already looking pretty busy. Peace, and to you authors, good writing.