An Odd Story from America’s Civil War: Gunpowder

I have to thank Harry Sargent of Lake Jackson Texas for this information. I met him at the museum where I did my program this weekend. As my Confederate ancestor was assigned to the Mining and Nitre department that made gunpowder, I was very interested.

The Art of Making Saltpetre

During the American Civil War,

2 thoughts on “An Odd Story from America’s Civil War: Gunpowder

  1. Somehow I have never heard this story…very interesting. I’ve heard some very good speaches on gunpowder lately, because as you probably know the confederate powder works was here in Augusta. I’ll have to share this story with my scv camp, which by the way is in charge of preserving the lone smoke stack which still stands along the augusta canal.

  2. In the late Middle Ages, when gunpowder was re-invented in Europe, salpeter was already won from urine. It is said that the pee from monks was preferred, and the best pee of them was that from abbots and bishops – these drank the most and the best wine!

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