From Starbucks in Garland, TX


Today has been busy, as tomorrow will be. I rose at 4:00 a.m., worked my online classes till 6:15 and was on the way to Oklahoma by 7. I picked up my mom and dad and brought them to my Aunt Winnie’s house in Garland. After my aunt treated us to a supper at Cheddars, I left them in her care and headed for the nearest Starbucks so I could make a post and check on my classes. Tomorrow I take my dad in for his surgery, and hopefully (if his pacemaker doesn’t need to be replaced) be on the way back to Oklahoma by tomorrow night. Thursday I’ll spend with them and help with chores, then drive to Houston on Friday. I’ll spend the night with friends there, and on Saturday I’ll make my presentations at the Lake Jackson Historical Museum. Their motto is “Dedicated to the Preservation of Our Heritage.” Here is the article the local paper is running about the event:

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