Snowstorm in Texas March 2008

On the afternoon of the third day at LLA, I heard something was up with the weather. I checked the weather forecast on a nearby vendor’s laptop and figured out that my plans were in jeopardy due to the winter storm coming through. Contacts in Ft. Worth by phone confirmed that it would not be wise to travel that direction, so I ended up canceling  my signing at the Hastings Bookstore in Tyler. It’s unclear on whether I’ll have to cancel my Barnes & Noble signing there this evening. It really depends on the roads. The Tyler weather report does not look good.  I called my parents in southern Oklahoma and they said the area had received 6-8 inches of snow.

Overall, the LLA was a great experience for me, and I had another sellout of my books. I made so many new friends and saw so many librarians that I already knew from doing programs at their libraries. The Shreveport Convention Center is a fine facility and easy to reach from I-20.  I’m not sure where the conference will be held next year, but I will be there. Next week will be a busy week for me–almost non-stop travel and presentation of programs.

Web News:  My website has a new look! I still have a little more to do to it, but please take a look and let me know what you think!

Civil War Vocabulary: “Unreconstructed” – An unrepentant, bitter, Confederate who refused to accept defeat.  “I’m a Good Ole Rebel” is a favorite Southern song that exhibits this tone. This song was written by a Confederate Veteran. You may have heard it in the movie, Long Riders. You can find the words to the song at several sites on the Internet.

Famous Civil War Quote:  “Duty is ours, consequences are God’s.” — Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.