LLA Day Three

Yesterday’s signing at the Louisiana Librarians Conference in Shreveport went well. Though much smaller than the Texas one I’ll be attending in April, it is still a significant event. I enjoyed seeing the many librarians I knew, enjoyed meeting many new ones and introducing my books and programs to them, and enjoyed meeting the many vendors and some other authors. Here is a photo of me at the Pelican booth with the beautiful Caitlin Smith, the Pelican staff member in charge of promoting books to schools and libraries.


Civil War Trivia: In 1864, Confederate Generals Joseph E. Johnston and John Bell Hood were baptized in Georgia by General Leonidas Polk, an Episcopal bishop. I need to research this. I wonder where exactly the baptisms took place and if Episcopal baptism at that time was by immersion or sprinkling.

After today, I have signings in Tyler and Fort Worth and will return to Monroe on Sunday. There is a chance I’ll go to Oklahoma to check on my parents.