Saturday Signing and Good Weather

Book Signing News:

I left Monroe yesterday afternoon in sleet, which quickly changed to a heavy snow, blanketing the ground and trees  with huge heavy flakes. By the time I had reached Shreveport, the snow changed to rain, the temperature rose, and by Tyler there was no sign anywhere of a snowstorm.  I liked this Barnes & Noble, the staff and the customers. This author event was virtually another sell-out. Here is a photo of me with Linda, the lovely CRM there:


Today, I’ll be at a Fort Worth Barnes & Noble, 4801 Overton Ridge Blvd. I’m scheduled to sign at 2:00 p.m. but will get there early and either do some work or begin signing early. From there, I’d like to  go see my parents in Kemp, Oklahoma, but I’ll have to see how the signing goes.

Excerpt from a Confederate Soldier’s letter during the Gettysburg Campaign:

I found a booklet entitled, “Letters Home,” a collection of original Civil War soldiers’ letters. In one letter, a Confederate soldier from the 3rd South Carolina Infantry is writing to his sister and says: “We left Fredericksburg on the 2nd day of June, and marched at the rate of twenty miles a day until we go in to Pennsylvania, and fought one of the Bloodiest Battles of the war. We passed through some of the prettiest country I ever saw in my life, they have the finest land in the world and some of the ugliest women that I ever saw . . . Our Generals would not allow us to touch a thing, and the consequence we had to live on one pound of flour to the man for four days.”