Shape of my Week

Yesterday, a friend and I worked on some major changes to my Web site, Those changes should be posted soon. I’m excited, as I found out that my site is getting 400-500 hits a month! I feel like I squandered my time last night. Yet, the only time I deliberately sit down to watch the television is on Sunday nights–to see the Sopranos and the Tudors. I don’t even answer the phone during those two hours. Of course, the final episodes are next week, so my already limited TV time may dwindle even more.

My week is shaping up to be a very busy one. Literally, there are scores of people I must contact and meet with as my writing schedule steadily fills up. Here’s a running list of what’s planned in the near future:

*June 9: 2-4:00 pm, I have a signing at the Barnes and Noble in Shreveport on 6646 Youree Drive. People are coming to the event from East Texas, Arkansas, and western Louisiana.

*9:00-midnight, June 9, My band, Angus Dubhghall, will be playing at Enoch’s, Monroe’s only Irish pub. If you like traditional Scottish and Irish music, you need to get out to see us.

*June 11 – I’ll be speaking in Eldorado, Arkansas, at the meeting of the Sons of Confedrate Veterans. They’ll be meeting at the Ryan’s Steak House in Eldorado. This town is likely to keep me very busy in the future as there are possible events planned with the college, the bookstores, the library system, and a festival that my band may play at.