A New Poem: How Often

Writing poems gives me ideas for stories and novels. I wrote this poem today. I hope my friend in Lafayette, one of my readers, likes it.

How Often

How often I’ve thought about you,
A brown-eyed, voluptuous Cajun beauty,
You’re slowly stealing my heart,
Somehow, you changed everything,
Meeting by accident,
Loving on purpose,
A lady who knows books and life and me . . .
Accepting, sensual, and curious,
With a beauty that maddens me,
We’re not done yet.
We’ll have our own 9&1/2 weeks,
And it will be better than the movie.
I’m sure you ruined me for wanting others,
How could they compare?
Now, that I’ve found myself,
It seems I’ve also found whom I needed,
You . . . Only you.

There’s no other competition.