Another Writer’s Week

Book Signing News:

Saturday, I had my signing at the Barnes & Noble in Dallas, near the Overton Mall. It went well, and as usual met many people and had some good conversations. Generally, folks are surprised and pleased to learn the story of Jim Limber. From there, I drove to my parents’ house in Kemp, Oklahoma and spent the night there. Sunday, I returned home. I listened to some books on tape:  One was “Ice Palace” by Fitzgerald. I had never thought of Fitzgerald as a Southern writer, but after listening to this story, I may have to change my mind about that. The story is full of symbolism and reveals he truly understands the subtle nuances of Southern culture.  There is a great site devoted to “Ice Palace” here:

The introduction of this site produced by the University of South Carolina says: “The Ice Palace” appeared in the 22 May 1920 issue of the Saturday Evening Post and was collected in Flappers and Philosophers. It was the first of a group of stories in which Fitzgerald examined the cultural as well as social differences between the North and South. “It is a grotesquely pictorial country as I found out long ago, and as Mr. Faulkner has since abundantly demonstrated,” he commented in 1940. Fitzgerald was particularly aware of the influence of the South on its women — a concern that was reinforced by his marriage to an Alabama belle.”  The site has the complete text of the story as well as some great visuals.

I also listened to “God Sees the Truth, but Waits” by Tolstoy. Another wonderful and touching story.  You can find that story here:

I also began listening to The Tin Roof Blowdown A Dave Robicheaux Novel: by James Lee Burke.  I’m only a few chapters into it, but I think it may be the finest fictional piece to be written about Hurricane Katrina. John Holt has a fine review of the novel here:

Today will be spent working on college stuff, catching up on my unfinished and increasing book business, and I’m sitting with my sick grandson for a few hours today. As I miss him so much because I’m traveling every weekend, I’m actually looking forward to the grandfather duty.

This week’s book event schedule: I have a busy but great week ahead of me!

Tuesday: Marshall, Texas. An Evening with Authors. Marshall High School Library.

Thursday: Ranger High School, Ranger, Texas.

Friday: Dublin Intermediate School, Dublin, Texas. Hasting’s Bookstore, Stephenville, TX

Saturday: Performing at the Dublin, TX Saint Patrick’s Day Festival. I’ll also be marching with the Confederate SCV there and having a table to show my books.