On to Oklahoma . . .

Sad News:

Yesterday, I found out that my Aunt Mildred, a resident of Knox City, Texas, died Friday night. So, I’m going to my parents house Sunday morning, then early Monday we’re driving to Knox City from Kemp for her funeral. There, I’ve been elected by the Pittman family to give a eulogy for her in a graveside ceremony. I’ve had too much death near me this year. (See June 21-23 entries). My poor father . . . Only he and Alvin are alive now from the Pittman clan. He’s in the best shape of the two left alive, so I look at him as if he were the last of the Mohicans. Every year, I feel the ephemeral nature of life more and more. Please say a prayer for me and my family. Perhaps I’ll be able to see my cousins, the daughters of Alvin, at the funeral.

A Gift: My good friend and publicist (who also works with Region XI Media and Library Services in Fort Worth) Bonnie, knowing my love for Hemingway, recently gave me a very special gift: It was a first edition printing in Life Magazine of The Old Man and the Sea, Sept. 1, 1952. I was speechless. It means so much to me. I now have a story of Hemingway (the reason I’m an English major, the reason I’m a writer) in my hands, first published in the year I was born. Bonnie has excellent technical skills. She designed the current look of my website. She is beautiful and has to be one of the smartest  women I’ve known. Here is a photo of this priceless Hemingway gift she gave me: