“The Smell of Cypress” A Blog that Returned from the Storm

 I first met Michele Aucoin a few years ago at a gifted symposium/conference.  I’ve mentioned her, her work, and her writing several times on this blog. As a friend, I’ve found her to have a warm heart. This beautiful and intelligent lady is generous and cares so much for her gifted students.  I’ve given programs at the schools she works with for the gifted students and they seem to adore her. With good reason, I’d say. After hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Michele shut down her blog for a while. I was delighted to find that she had revived it recently. Do yourself a favor and check out her blog once in a while. You’ll find her writing thoughtful and warm.  (She is an excellent poet) She’s involved in writing groups, is an active “friend of the library” in Assumption Parish, and the depth and breadth of her knowledge is astounding–knowing a lot about many things, including music, antiques, history, and education.


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  1. I guess I’d better get busy, huh? You may have jinxed me with unrealistic expectations. T’ain’t nuttin’ but a little down de bayou chatter.

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