Return from Baton Rouge . . .

Friday Night, I had a great time at the Perkins Rowe (a very new store) Barnes and Noble in Baton Rouge.  I read from my children’s book, sang, and played my guitar for their Story Time program the store has on Friday nights. Annie, the CRM (Community Relations Manager), was so sweet and encouraging. The parents who bought my book were very appreciative of my presentation, and Annie (Barnes & Noble CRM) made it clear that I would be welcomed back.

Today, Saturday, I signed at the Waldenbooks at the Cortana Mall in Baton Rouge from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. I had a WONDERFUL time. Beryl, the manager, was quite happy with the day. We sold ALL copies of Jim Limber Davis: A Black Orphan in the Confederate White House, and some of my books, Red River Fever and Stories of the Confederate South.

However, the really neat thing about my trip this weekend, was stopping in at Rosemont, home of Jefferson Davis on Friday on my way to Baton Rouge. Ironically, on that same day in 1862, (According to the Monroe News-Star) Jefferson was inaugurated for a six-year term as president following his election the previous November. I was given a tour of the plantation by Jinny Angeline, tour director, who I also discovered to be an expert on Davis. I actually was able to hold and touch items owned and used by Jefferson Davis. I felt chills the whole time I was at this sacred spot. There are so many stories that need to be written about the Davis family in relation to this plantation. I was invited to be a part of the Jefferson Davis Centennial Celebration at the end of May. They have my book about Jim Limber on display in the house and everyone that comes through hears the story. You can (and should) read more of Rosemont here:

Here is a photo of Rosemont: