Books ‘n Authors ‘n All That Jazz VII

Author Event: I’ve always loved the big sky of West Texas, as well as the people, climate, and terrain. Last year, Linda Bagwell interviewed me on her radio program that is devoted to authors and artists of all sorts. She also heads up this:

Books ‘n Authors ‘n All That Jazz VII
Weatherford College Alkek Fine Arts Center
April 25, 2009

I’ve been asked to be a part of this event this year. Here are the descriptions of my workshops, and I may be performing with my guitar as well.

Rickey Pittman: Writing About the Civil War
It’s not Gone with the Wind — there’s still much that needs to be written about the war that forever changed America’s government, culture, and people. Attend this workshop with award winning Civil War author, musician, and storyteller Rickey Pittman and learn how you can write children’s books, magazine articles, stories, family or military histories, and novels about the war America will never forget.  The author will also help you find out how to research your Civil War ancestor, show and tell various Civil War relics, and introduce some period music.

Rickey E. Pittman: How to Write Children’s Books

Children’s books are not just for kids any more. Libraries, schools, teachers, and adults are collecting and creating them. In this workshop, award winning children’s author and learn how to write a children’s book, how to write your query letter to send to a publisher, and how to best market and promote your book.  The author will discuss various types of children’s books and why, if you want to influence your world, you should be a children’s author.

If you’re near Weatherford on April 25, please drop in and see me.