“Because of You” by Jeff Talmadge: Song Lyrics

Tonight I’m packing for my signing tomorrow at the Barnes & Noble in Southlake at 2:00 p.m. It will be a long day, especially when I have to combine it with online college work, but that is what I’ve signed on for. I’ve been in Monroe too long this last spell (at least a couple of weeks) and need to get back on the road. Wish me luck.

I guess it could be said that the songs we carry in our heart are the story of our lives. Having been raised in a home where music and songs had such a prominent place, I saw early, and felt early, how we can connect to certain songs and how we can come to admire certain artists. I’ve been listening night and day to a CD I just purchased by Jeff Talmadge entitled, At that much was TRUE. As a songwriter, I feel there are few who can equal Talmadge. I do hope I can see a performance of his some day, as I do so appreciate his music.  Today, I wanted to post the lyrics to a moving song on that CD, “Because of You.” I

“Because of You” by Jeff Talmadge

You can’t describe a place you’ve never been to,
Can’t escape a place that follows you around,
And you can’t tell a good thing from a bad one
When everything you know is upside down.
Everything you think is so is upside down.

You wouldn’t know a fact if it’s in your face,
You wouldn’t know a lie unless you told it.
You won’t believe that something’s gonna leave
Until you try to hold it
Until you try to hold it.

And if you see her
Give her this picture
And tell her how it means what once was true
Tell her how a thousand words are missing now and
Tell her how it means because of you
Tell her how it means because of you.

So what are you gonna do
You’re always saying
Like the choices that you made
Were not a choice
In this the way you want it all to be remembered
No breath no face no voice
No breath no face no voice