An SCV Review of Stories of the Confederate South

Authors should keep up with all reviews and blurbs of their work.

Here is a review of my book of short fiction, Stories of the Confederate South that was printed February 6, 2006, in the Butternut News, a newsletter SCV members in north Louisiana utilized for a while for communication and unity efforts:

It isn’t often that the Butternut News is included to review books that should be reviewed by such luminous tombs such as the New York Times or the Atlanta Constitution but the opportunity fell in my lap last month.  Compatriot Rickey Pittman of the Thomas McGuire camp in West Monroe has published a book of short stories entitled Stories of the Confederate South.

I’ll tell you up front that I have never been a big fan of short stories no matter who they are written by.  It has always seemed that just when something is starting to happen, it’s all over.  Well, I am going to have to change my stance on this matter.  I thoroughly enjoyed Rickey’s book.  Not all of the stories were set in the days of the Second Revolutionary War and that kind of surprised me when I first started to read.  No matter, all of the stories were interesting and all concerned us and our heritage.

With any collection of events some read better than others and, of course, I had my favorite ones.  I truly believe that these could stand up against Conan Doyle in holding you there until the end comes.  I heartily endorse Compatriot Pittman’s writings and his book.  I recommend that you buy it and buy a couple to give to your friends.

Good reading,

Thomas E. Taylor
Northeast Brigade Commander
Louisiana Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans

“Duty is ours; consequences are Gods”

P.S.  The cover shot was taken at the 140th Franklin and came from the camera of David Hill, Commander of the Richard Taylor Camp in Shreveport, La.