Hunting for Civil War Relics

In the days when I had time, I used to like to hunt for Civil War Relics. I have two metal detectors–a Fisher 1266 and a Tracker IV Bounty Hunter. I do believe there are still  some finds awaiting the persistent and the diligent.

I’ve done pretty well in the past, not so well lately. Being a successful “digger” requires time, some resources for travel, a lot of research, and much walking. As the easy places are all gone now, and so many are protected by the Park system, you must go to a good bit of trouble to find a good site to metal detect. As an example of how one’s interests can lead to money ideas, I sold an article on the topic to a national magazine. “The Quest for Forgotten Camps,” Western-Eastern Treasure, October 1999. I’ve changed computers, but if I find the article I’ll post it here.
So, the writing lesson for today is to pay attention to what you like to do, express it well in writing, and then sell your work.  If you have any questions on metal detecting, drop me a note at  I’ll try to answer them.