A Reader’s Blurb: Stories of the Confederate South

My schedule is starting to fill up with TV and radio interviews, signings, and appearances. I’ll try to post a detailed schedule in the next day or two as there have been some changes in the schedule I posted earlier.

*Here is a short blurb from someone who attended one of my readings at the Lincoln Parish Library in Ruston, Louisiana. I was promoting my book, Stories of the Confederate South.


Thank you for your recent presentation at the Lincoln Parish Library. It was a pleasure to hear you read from your own work and to learn how you researched your characters for the short stories. I have now had an opportunity to read and enjoy the entire collection of tales. What a delight!

You have truly caputured the spirit of the Confederate South through your characters. (It’s about time somebody did!) You bring life to the reality that our Southern ancestors lived. Thank you!

I would like to talk with you again about writing Southern tales.

Your Confederate friend,