Return from Brock, Texas & Trish Murphy Lyrics: “Boiling Water”

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Yesterday, I returned from Brock, Texas. I love the big sky territory of this part of Texas.  The teachers and students were absolutely amazing. My thanks to Librarians Carol Brister and Sheila McLaughlin who made this program possible. You can see some pictures and a short video of my program here:

Today, I’m doing college stuff and tomorrow I’m speaking and performing guitar at the SCV Lee Jackson Banquet in Abbeville, LA.

Trish Murphy Lyrics: “Boiling Water”

There’s a lot going on in this song. The lyrics though somewhat cryptic, are suggestive of all kinds of a family’s and a little girl’s internal conflict. Absolutely beautiful. You can read more about this songwriter here:

Boiling Water  by Trish Murphy

It’s Friday and I’m making fried eggs
And the pane in the window is cracked
And there’s my daddy
Coming cross the pasture
Smokestack stuck in his back

It’s 97 and it’s barely lunchtime
And he blusters in through the back door
Where’s your mama
He’s just getting started
And I’m staring down at the floor

Boiling water
Just to have something cookin
Look what you’re giving away
Boiling water
Just to have something doing
Look what you’re giving away

Daughter running from the heat of the summer
She’s got to have someone, someone to blame
Daughter a dying to jump in the water
But the water is rolling away

Just like marbles make an empty box rattle
Child put your eyes back in your head
You ain’t got the sense God gave a turnip
You didn’t listen to one word I said.


97 and I’m walking on eggshells
There’s nothing to step on but cracks
There’s my daddy coming cross the pasture
Smokestack breaking his back.