Will Kimbrough: “Interstate” Chords and Lyrics

One of the great themes recurring in Americana music, like American and English literature, is that of movement. In the ballads of Americana we hear stories of the adventures, trails, and roving of loners and the lonely (not the same thing), truckers, outlaws, and those who have abandoned a past life or relationship that wasn’t working and who hit the road. As I’m about to leave Monroe for two days of signings in Fort Worth (see my calendar on my homepage0, my thoughts are on that long Interstate drive that awaits me.

I discovered a new (only new to me) and talented songwriter and musician, Will Kimbrough, who describes the sense of constant movement in a song entitled, “Interstate.” The Mobile, Alabama native has a website and you can read all about him and his music here: Anyway, I purchased the song “Interstate” and decided to transcribe the lyrics and post them here. The song is a waltz, that one reviewer aptly described as “delicate and lovely.” I had a transcription up that had a couple of errors, but Will contacted me and supplied me with the correct lines.

Interstate by Will Kimbrough

Chords: He performs the song in the key of A.
Basically, a waltz (3/4 time) back and forth between A & D & E. You can hear the changes.
He has a little bridge that goes: F#m E, D, A D, F#m, E, D, E, A

Interstate, we could be anywhere at all
Iowa, Florida, old Termite Hall
There’s a rest stop
Just keep your eye on the road

Touching down, hit the ground
Running if you can
Santa Cruz, Gothenberg, Orange Beach sand
Hit the hotel
Just keep your eye of the road

All I know is blacktop, white lines and trees
Interstate stretching out far as i can see

Rent a van, thank you ma’am
Start the highway fun
Birmingham, Amsterdam, face to the sun
If the sun’s out
Just keep your eye on the road

Petrol stop, parking lot
Local folks in line
Liverpool, Arkansas, it’s not a crime
To be lonely
Just keep your eye on the road

After the showpubs are closed
Drinks in a bar,
Get up and go, grab your clothes,
You can sleep in the car.
Home again, all my friends
Kids and the wife
Where we were looks a blur
This is the life!
When’s the next run?
Just keep your eye on the road

Bridge: Twice repeat “Interstate stretching out, as far as I can see

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  1. Hi, read you’re new to Will Kimbrough’s music. Check out this video of Kimbrough performing “Powers That Be/Ooh La La” @ the Historic Southgate House in Newport KY. In the zone would be a good way to describe this perfomance!

    If you have a slow connection HD can be
    turned off or pause the video so it can load.


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