Lily: A Story from a Yankee Diary & a song of Jed Marum

In my collection of historical short fiction, Stories of the Confederate South, I have a story that was inspired by a song of Jed Marum and printed in Ceili magazine. The song is entitled, “Mama’s Lily.” I still remember the first time I heard Jed sing that song, and ever since that Friday afternoon, this song has been a favorite of mine. The lily is a symbolic flower, a flower of beauty, hope, and a reminder of death. This little story honors that little Southern girl who lost her life because the forces opposing the South had no scruples about warring on civilians. On Jed’s advice, I purchased and read McCarter’s memoir. I love this Irishman, and I love studying the Irish Brigade that he was a part of. I hope I can someday reenact as part of their unit. About McCarter, I think there are more stories from that memoir that I should write.

Jed says this about “Mama’s Lily: “I wrote this song a few years ago after reading the diary of an Irish immigrant and Union soldier named, William McCarter. His words were published in a book called, “My Life in the Irish Brigade.” He told one story that stunned me so – that I couldn’t stop thinking about it for weeks. It