Weekend Report

Wow. It’s been such a busy, intense weekend. I left early Thursday, went to the Ferriday, Louisiana library, and set up an appointment for Dec. 16 to come to the schools there for a program. On the way to South Louisiana, I stopped in at Nottoway Plantation, just outside of Plaquemine. Absolutely wonderful. It is advertised as “The largest plantation home in the South.” You should visit this plantation. My books are now going to be in their bookstore and we are talking about a future signing there. Here is their Website: http://www.nottoway.com/ Here is a photo of the mansion and one of me in the ball room that the grounds manager took.



After that visit to Nottoway, I drove on to Napoleanville and spent the night with my friends there. Friday, I signed books at the Friends of the Cabildo bookstore on Jackson Square. A SLOW MORNING. I thought there’d be more traffic considering the weather was so good. However, my afternoon signing at Tisket-A-Tasket was brisk, and I had another sell-out. I’ve posted below the photos of myself with two book buyerswho wanted to be photographed with me. The first is Sandra, and the second, Charla.



Saturday, I went to the Kenner Sam’s Club, only to find that they had lost my books. After pissing away two hours while they looked for them, (I’m glad I went early) I moved on to the Metarie Sam’s Club where I had a very decent day of signing and selling books. I do love these travels. I always meet so many cool people. I’ll have more to say about my trip, but I’m tired now, so I think I’ll sign off.